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Chapter 41

Although she was expecting this from him but hearing him say he loved her took her feelings to a whole new dimension. She smiled brightly.

“I love you too.”

Austin was overjoyed.

“You do?” He asked to be sure

“Yes. I really do.” She replied.

“Gosh! I’m so happy I could kss you.” Austin said.

She blushed.

“You can.”

He leaned closer and pecked her lips for 2 seconds. Scarlet smiled and he did same.

They chatted more about themselves and laughed. The dinner went well.



“Babe I’m back” Scarlet said happily.

Austin just dropped her off and left.

“Wow, I’m sure it went well” Noel smiled.

“Well? It went glorious.” Scarlet said and Noel laughed.

“So, gist me.”

“He finally asked me out!” Scarlet squealed happily.

Her Joy knew no bounds now. Her and Austin dating simply means that her parents won’t get to pick a man for her anymore. She was gonna take him to see them soon.

“Wow, congratulations bae.” Noel hugged her.


“This calls for celebration. You know what? Go in, take your bath and come let’s have a drink.” Noel said.

“You’re right girl” Scarlet stood up and left for the bathroom.





Maureen had called Noel over for a visit.

“This place has really changed.” Noel said.

“Yeah. I think he’s gonna drop the towel soon” Maureen said.

“Everything has it’s own time dear. This is his time. He shouldn’t drop the towel yet.” Noel said.

“Yeah but things haven’t been the same since you left. He wants to apologise for firing you but I think he’s too ashamed to do it.” Maureen said.

“He shouldn’t feel that way. Besides, I’m happy he fired me; if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been where I am today.” Noel said.

“Yeah you’re right. Speaking of that, how is it going with you and Gray?”

“It’s going great. I’m really lucky to have him.”

“You know, I’m still finding all these hard to believe.” Maureen said.

“What is that?”

“Gray finally loving you. It feels like I’m dreaming. I remember how hard you tried to please him back then just for him to notice you, even the makeups you did then…”

Noel laughed.

“Well, with determination, anything can be achieved. I’m even wondering how it happened before two months. Seriously, I am grateful to God for finally answering my prayers.” Noel said.

“Wow this is cool. So, how about that lady that almost ruined your date that day?”

“Camille? She is the main opponent I have now. Though I know Gray will never love her, I’m still worried at the stunts she would pull to get him. She is dangerous.” Noel said.

“I know you can do this. Do not let her intimidate you. I’ve had an encounter with her once in this restaurant. She is so saucy” Maureen said.

“Tell me about it.” Noel glanced at her wristwatch “I guess I have to go now.”

“Already?” Maureen pouted.

“I’ll come visit from time to time. I’m not going forever you know.”

“Okay but I’m already missing you.” She pouted.


Noel laughed.

“Stop being a big baby”

They laughed and strode out. Maureen hugged Noel before she stepped into the car and the chauffeur drove off.




“It’s like you aren’t serious with this deal. Don’t make me punish you.” Camille snapped at Teresa.

“I’m sorry. I went to see my sick mother, the reception there is bad that’s why I couldn’t reach you.” Teresa said.

“I’m not buying that excuse and I don’t want to push this matter further. Let’s get to the reason why I called you here.” Camille said.

“Okay.” Teresa replied.

“Noel and Gray are going to be engaged soon. We can’t let that happen. Their relationship keeps growing strong day by day, giving me a migraine and I detest that.” Camille said.

“So, what are we gonna do?” Teresa asked.

“I need more information about the happenings in the office before I can plan things well. That is where you come in”

“Me? I was fired from the office remember?” Teresa glared at her.

“Glare at me one more time and you’ll loose an eye.” Camille pointed her index finger at her, signing her a warning.

“I’m sorry.” Teresa bent her head and rolled her eyes.

“Now, I want you to go back to that office, do whatever you can to make him hire you back.”

“But Gray never goes back on his words. He will refuse.” Teresa said.

“At least try before complaining. Put up whatever pitiful act you can. Gray is easily moved by tears so shed some.” Camille said.

“Okay I’ll try but what if he refuses?”

“He won’t. I promise you that. I will also be at the office when you’re begging so as to add a few words in for you.”

“That’s better. When are we doing this?”

“Today. I don’t want to waste time at all. I will be leaving for Gray’s office by 4pm, be there by 5.” Camille said.

“Okay. Till then, I have to go now.” Teresa stood up.

“Yeah Yeah leave!” Camille turned to switch the TV on.

Teresa strode towards the door, opened it and left.




Mrs Evie was discussing Jeremy with her husband.

“Didn’t you tell him that Noel is getting engaged?” Mr Pat asked.

“Of course I told him but he insisted on seeing her. I won’t tell her anything about this to avoid a reoccurrence of unpleasant events. He should meet her himself.” She said.

“I suppose that’s a good idea. Where is Quinn by the way?”

“She went to the mall with Snow, Miguel and Damien. They went to purchase matching outfits for their school dance tomorrow night.” Evie answered.

“Wow. We really have lucky children”

“Yeah. I have never in my life imagined us having a restaurant and bakery this large.”

“Yeah. This is way bigger than our original plan Evie. I pray God bless the work of their hands.”

“Me too. Now let’s talk about the sales girls we are going to employ. We have two already but work has been too hectic this week, we need two more.” Evie said.

“Yeah you’re right. We have four women at the counter waiting to be interviewed. You can go and interview them then pick the best.”

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“Okay.” She smiled and stepped out.




Ryan sat on a chair by the counter, puffing out smoke from both his mouth and nostrils. This has been his lifestyle since he got out of jail. Drinking, smoking and laying down with women.

Not like he didn’t have work to do or a company to look after, he wanted to have fun. YOLO* was his excuse for an abnormal lifestyle.

He gulped down three bottles of beer.

“More” He said to the waiter. He was already getting tipsy.

The waiter gave him another glass and he gulped it down in no time.

“Good day Ryan.”

Ryan turned to behold the man beside him. Although he was tipsy, he recognized the man right away.

“Liam.” He muttered.

“Smart. You still remember me.” Mr Liam said.

“Of course I remember you. You’re a monkey.” Ryan laughed drunkenly.

“I’ll spare you because of the state you are in now. I have an offer for you and it comes with a price.” Liam said.

“I am not interested in whatever offer you have for me. You are an evil man.” Ryan blurted out.

Mr Liam was surprised at his behavior. Aren’t drunks supposed to be easily persuaded? Good thing he had a plan B.

“Ryan, the offer is indeed a huge one. You wouldn’t wanna miss it.”

Ryan grabbed him by his collar.

“Did I tell you I’m in need of money? Look at me, I am richer than anybody in California. I have houses and estates in numerous places. I’m richer than Austin and that fuçking Gray.” He yelled.

“I understand. Please, let go of my collar now.” Liam begged.

Ryan hesitated for a while before releasing him.

“Get out of my face.” Ryan said drowsily.

“Yeah I will, but before that, oh Krysten!” Liam called and a beautiful lady walked in.

Ryan eyes almost popped as he stared at her lvstfully.

Liam stood up and faced her.

“You know what to do.” He said.

“Yes boss.” She replied.

Liam chuckled and left.

Krysten gave Ryan a se..ductive smile. She walked towards him and twirled showing off her bos$om in the skimpy dress she was putting on. She rubbed his chest se..ductively and caressed his back, turning him on.

Ryan was lost and couldn’t think straight as she pulled him up. She dragged him into a room and shut the door tight before unbuttoning his shirt.

He tried to push her back but she crashed her lips on his making him loose it totally. When she pulled away, he brought her back and slammed his on hers, caressing her bbs. Before you know it, they were on the bed with clothes flying in different directions.





Noel was done with her work for the day before sitting to rest. Gray didn’t want her to work, but she stubbornly refused. She went through some files on her laptop before picking up a comic book to read. Gray had gone for a business meeting and will be back in few minutes.

The office door opened slowly revealing Camille. Noel looked up and saw her making her countenance change immediately.


Camille finally entered and helped herself with a seat in front of Gray’s desk while glaring daggers at Noel.

Noel was about to say something but she kept quiet and ignored Camille. She crossed her legs and continued reading the comic book.

The door opened again and Tina, the assistant Gray hired for her entered.

“Good evening ma.” She bowed slightly at Noel.

Camille scoffed.

“Tina, how are you doing?” Noel smiled.

“I’m fine ma.”

“So, what do you have for me today?”

“The CEO of LogsVille has invited you over for a business meeting.” Tina said.

“That’s nice but I want you to reschedule it for 2pm tomorrow. I am waiting for my darling fiance to return from where he went to.” Noel said, smiling smugly at Camille.

“Okay ma.” Tina bowed and left.

Camille cursed inwardly. All these should have been her and not Noel. She was jealous, damn jealous!

Noel loved the look on Camille’s face. She would make sure she keeps frustrating her.

Soon enough, Gray entered the office. Noel was about standing up to meet him but Camille rushed and hugged him tightly.

“Welcome bestie. Hope your day wasn’t stressful?” Camille said.

Gray pulled away from the hug.

“No it wasn’t thanks.” He answered casually and walked towards Noel. “Darling.” He pecked her lips and she hugged him.

“You didn’t tell me you were gonna be back late sweetie.” She pouted, rubbing his chest fondly while looking at Camille who was burning in anger and jealousy.

“I’m sorry Sugar. I was too busy to touch my phone.” He said.

“I missed you.” She rubbed his lips with her index finger.

“I missed you more baby.” He had totally forgotten about Camille.

“So how are you gonna make it up to me darling?” Noel whispered into his ears while using her other eyes to wink at Camille.

“How about dinner at my house.” Gray suggested.

“No I want something else. Something like your lips.” She brushed her lips against his own.

Camille couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and was about leaving.

“Camille dear, won’t you stay for a while?” Noel smiled at her.

Camille was blazing with fury but hid it behind a smile.

“I have something important to take care of.” She replied.

“Awwn, didn’t you say you wanted to see Gray? Sit baby, Gray will be with you shortly.” Noel said.

Camille sighed and sat down.

“Now where were we?” Noel said.

Gray chuckled.

“You want my lips, you can have it.”

“With pleasure.” Noel smirked and kssed him.

Camille widened her eyes. She couldn’t believe Noel actually did that, in her presence.

She felt like crying.


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