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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 47

“We need to talk.”

“Talk?” Ryan scoffed.

“Yes, we need to talk.” She repeated, trying not to look him in the face.

“What do you possibly want us to talk about?” Ryan asked curtly.

“Quit the pretence please, I’m not here to argue with you. Let’s talk all these out.” Krysten said.

Ryan sighed.

“Okay,” He gave way. “Come in and have a seat.”

“Thanks.” She replied and walked in majestically.

She sat in the white leather couch with silver handles and crossed her legs. Looking round the living room, she could tell they were quite rich. No wonder Liam came up with this stupid plan.

“What can I get you?” Ryan asked, trying his possible best to be hospitable.

“Nothing, thanks.” She smiled at him and he cleared his throat before sitting down.

“So, what are we discussing?” Ryan asked.

“I came here to see you personally because I took what you said to me into consideration, pondered hard on it and realized that you were right. Liam is only trying to use us. I figured that, even after helping him achieve his aim, that video might still be uploaded, landing both of us into trouble.” She said.

“I’m glad you finally realized that you were only being used. Think of this, how can a man ask his own girlfriend to seduce his fellow man? What if reverse becomes the case? What if… The tables turn and his girlfriend falls in love with that same man.” Ryan said.

Krysten bit her lower lip nervously, wondering why he said that last line but she wanted to act cool.

“Let’s forget about that one. The issue on ground now should be how we are gonna resolve this. I want to help stop him.” She said.

“You want to help? Hope you aren’t trying to trick me?” Ryan asked.

“Observe my expression and see if I’m lying or not.”

“But I don’t have a plan yet.” Ryan said.

“I do.” She smirked.




“I am absolutely too shock to think of anything now.” Gray said sincerely.

“Well, I and Ryan have a plan already. We just need that lady to be on our side first.” Harry said.

“Okay, thanks once more for telling me this.” Gray said.

“It’s nothing, you’re a good man, you deserve this and more.” Harry smiled.

Gray stretched forth his hand for a handshake and Harry was shocked. This was the first time ever, he was going to shake Gray. Like seriously?

“Are you gonna leave me hanging?” Gray asked.

“Not at all, I was only surprised.” Harry replied and took the hand.

“I understand but you deserve it.” Gray smiled.

Harry smiled back and stood up.

“I’ll inform you about the latest development.”

“No problem.” Gray said and he left.

The joy he felt for helping Gray was something exquisite. It was like a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders, he couldn’t wait to do more.

Gray sat in his office, wondering how the Harry he knew changed so fast. He didn’t even remember to ask of Noel like he always does. Gray shook his head when he remembered what Liam has done and is still doing.

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He made Liam who he was today. The Rolands (Liam’s parents) were never rich from the onset. He just saw Liam as a brother and picked him up then gave him a job. He talked to his father who opened a company for them. There, they started making money and were able to expand their business which grew into what it was presently.

Humans! You can never satisfy them.




“So, when am I meeting your parents?” Austin asked Scarlet, who was busy on her laptop and had to look up because of his question.

“My parents?” She asked nervously.

“Yeah, why are you acting nervous?” Austin asked.

“My father is very strict so, if you’re to come, you need to be highly disciplined and your parents need to be rich.” Scarlet said.

“Is that why you suddenly tensed up?” Austin laughed.

“Yeah.” She replied.

“Stand up, I’m taking you somewhere for you to know who I truly am.” Austin said.

“But I want to finish with this one I’m typing.”

“No need, stand up and follow me sweetheart.” He winked and she blushed.

She stood up and he held her hands, leading her to his car.

They entered and he drove her out.




They arrived at a massive building and he stopped the car.

“Why did you stop?” Scarlet asked.

“Because, we’ve arrived at our destination.” He answered.

“Here?” She asked.


He helped her down and held her hand, leading her in. As they walked in, all the employees stood up and bowed to greet him.

Scarlet couldn’t believe her eyes. Was he that rich?

They got to an elevator and entered. Austin pressed for the sixteenth floor and it started taking them up.

“Talk to me, the suspense is klling.” She whined.

“What do you want me to say?” He asked, teasing her on purpose.

“Many things,” She answered. “I want to know who owns this massive company, why the employees are bowing and greeting you like some god and especially, why we’re here.”

“Okay, I’ll answer your questions accordingly.” He smiled.

“Please do.”

“This massive company belongs to Mr Smith, my dad,” She gasped. “Let me finish… The employees are bowing because I’m the heir to this establishment and finally, we are here for you to meet my dad.”

The elevator dinged open.

“What? To meet your dad? But_”

“Don’t worry. Trust me.”

She nodded and he held her hand. They passed by the reception and that was how those there bowed as well. Austin opened his dad’s office door slowly and entered with Scarlet.

Mr Smith was busy on his computer when he looked up and saw them. When he saw Austin holding her hand, his lips curved into a smile.

“Good morning dad.” Austin greeted and they sat down.

“Morning son.” He replied.

“Good morning sir.” Scarlet greeted, smiling nervously.

“How are you doing pretty?” He asked.

“I’m fine sir.” She replied.

“Today is fortunately good that my son decided to visit my workplace.” He said, stealing glances at Scarlet.

There was this resemblance about her that he couldn’t place his fingers on.

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“I came on an important notice actually.” Austin smiled.

“I see it’s because of Miss Scarlet over here?” Mr Smith asked.

“Yes dad.” Austin replied.

“I see and I thank God that you’ve finally decided to settle down with an amiable lady. But first of all, I would love to meet her parents.”

“That’s the main reason why I’m here dad. I want us to create a day for our family dinner. It can take place at our house, there, her parents will come and we all discuss on how to go about everything.” Austin said.

Mr Smith was impressed.

“This shows that you’re finally a man.”

They laughed.

“Welcome Miss Scarlet.”

“Thank you sir.”

“You know how much I detest wasting time so, we’ll be meeting next week. Miss Scarlet, please inform your parents.”

“Okay sir.” Scarlet replied.

They talked for sometime before Austin decided to take her back.

When they got into car, Scarlet started.

“Why didn’t you tell me all these before?” She asked.

“I wanted it to be a surprise.” Austin answered.

“I was shocked. How on Earth did you land in Gray’s office if you’re this rich?” Scarlet asked and he laughed.

“Well, I started working for Gray because of his condition. I was actually stubborn because Gray and my dad were against it. I ignored them and worked for Gray instead.” Austin explained.

“That’s so nice of you.” Scarlet smiled.

“It is, isn’t it? Anyways, since Noel has done the magic and Gray is back to who he was before, I can leave but I want to keep an eye on Camille.” Austin said.

“My devilish cousin, I still can’t believe we are relatives. She is totally different.”

“All fingers are not equal babe.” Austin winked.

“Yeah, you’re right. I love you.” She said.

“I love you more.” He kssed her forehead and started the engine before zooming off.





Noel finished what she was doing and dropped the noodles on the table for her mum.

“Mum, food is ready?” She called.

“Okay darling.” Mrs Evie said, coming out of the room.

She sat down and Noel gave her the food. Evie looked at the food and back at Noel.

“This looks… attractive.”

“Taste it!” Noel said.

Evie took her fork and took some into her mouth.

“Oh my gosh! This is delicious.” Evie said.

“Yup, have been taking cooking lessons from Scarlet.” Noel smiled.

“I know it’s because of Gray.” Her mum teased.

“Of course it’s because of him. I want my future husband to know that his wife can cook.” Noel beàt her chest proudly.

“I’m so proud of you dear. You’ve really brought good things to this family.”

“You’re welcome mum.” Noel smiled.

“Speaking of that, I thought I heard you mention that Gray was taking you to meet his parents tonight.”

“Yes mum.”

“What are you still doing here? Get going!” Evie said.

“But, I wanna take care of you.” Noel whined.

“You’ve done enough, Quinn will handle the rest when she’s back.”

“Are you sure you’ll be okay without me?” Noel asked.

“Yes, I will be great. Now, get going so you’ll prepare and don’t mess things up.” Evie winked at her.

“Trust your daughter,” Noel said and pecked her forehead. “I love you mum.”


“I love you more my baby girl. Good luck!” Evie smiled.

“Thank you.” Noel smiled and stepped out too.





Noel was all dressed up but Scarlet was helping her put some finishing touches to her hair. It was almost 6pm and Gray would soon come to pick her up.

Noel stared at her reflection in the mirror and sighed sadly. She was going to meet Gray’s parents tonight but she wasn’t happy.

“I’m supposed to be happy right?” She asked, still staring into the mirror.

“Of course babe. You’ll finally get to know your engagement date from there. I’m so happy for you!” Scarlet squealed happily.


“I know you’re nervous,” Scarlet cut in. “Don’t worry, it’s a normal thing. Act cool for Gray okay? You already look ravishing.”

Noel nodded.

She fought back her tears and stood up.

Who was she going to tell all that is happening? She would have told Gray but she doesn’t want to put Quinn’s life at risk. If she tells Scarlet, Scarlet may tell Gray, same thing goes for Austin.

She was confused on what to do.

“Noel!” Scarlet tapped her.

She gasped.

“What’s wrong babe? I’ve called your name 5 times.” Scarlet asked worriedly.

“I’m fine Scarlet.”

“Do I look like a fool?” Scarlet asked. “I’m your best friend, whatever it is, you can tell me. I know you like the back of my hamd Noel. This isn’t you, this isn’t the cheerful lady I know.” Scarlet said.

“I’m just tired and thinking of the meeting with his parents. I’m scared and nervous.” She lied.

“But, didn’t you say his parents liked you?” Scarlet asked.

“Yeah but who knows, they might change their minds.” Noel said.

“That shouldn’t bother you okay? They like you and will continue to. You’re a very good person, who wouldn’t love you and want you for their son?” Scarlet asked rhetorically.

“I guess you have a point there. Thanks, you’re the best.” Noel hugged her.

“You’re welcome, I love you girl.”

“I love you too Scarlet.” Noel sniffed.

“I’d like to use the restroom.” Noel said.

“Okay, be snappy so I can fix your makeup before Gray gets here. Your teary eyes spoiled it.” Scarlet teased.

“Okay,” Noel forced a smile and entered the restroom, she shut the door tightly and let her tears flow freely. “I’m sorry Scarlet, I can’t tell you this else Quinn will be in danger, my whole family will be in danger, I’m scared and don’t know what to do.”

She sniffed as Camille’s threat echoed in her ears again. It was so serious and she knew Camille would do it.


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