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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 48

She sniffed as Camille’s threat echoed in her ears again. It was so serious and she knew Camille would do it.

A knock on the bathroom door brought her down from her cloud of thoughts.

“Noel, aren’t you done yet?” Scarlet asked.

“Just a minute more please.” Noel said.

“Okay, be fast with that.” Scarlet said.

“Okay sweetie.” She stared at her reflection in the mirror.

Her makeup was already messed up because of the tears. She knew Scarlet will surely force her to talk if she sees her like this, she walked round thinking of what to do then, an idea popped in her head.

She took some water and washed her face before stepping out.

Scarlet gasped immediately she saw her.

“What the fúck, you washed your face?” She asked.

“Yes, you said my teary eyes messed it up.” Noel defended.

“I was only teasing you, come here,” Scarlet dragged her to sit down. “I’m starting over, we haven’t got much time, oh Noel! You won’t be the end of me.”

Noel giggled.

In few minutes, Scarlet was done and a knock sounded on the door.

“Just in time.” Scarlet smiled and walked up to the door.

She opened it and Gray entered. He was wearing a white suit and Noel couldn’t help but drool.

“I know I’m handsome, stop drooling.” He teased.

“I wasn’t drooling, who told you that you’re handsome?” Noel asked, bending her head.

“You of course.” He replied.

“I said nothing like that. You’re too ugly for my liking, go away.” She said.

Gray laughed and hugged her.

“You look most beautiful every passing day. Do you have any idea how much I missed your presence in the office today?”

“Awwwwwn.” Scarlet said, taking a photo of them.

“Thank you, I missed you too. Let’s go.” She said.

“See you guys later.” Scarlet blew them a kss as they left.

Gray opened the car door for her, she entered and he followed. The chauffeur will be the one to drive today.

On their way, Noel put her head on his shoulders while he wrapped his hand around her waist.

“I love you so much, I wish I could tell you all that is happening.” She said within her.




The car drove into the compound and they got out. Gray’s parents were already at the door, waiting for them.

“Look at how beautiful she looks.” Mr Gerald said, watching them approach where they were standing.

Mrs Jasmine glared at her husband.

“She isn’t just beautiful, she’s adorable and they look cute together.”

“Must you always add to everything I say?” Mr Gerald frowned playfully.

“Only if you stop admiring her before me. I’m her mother in law so, I should be the first person to compliment her.”

“I’m her father in law too you know.”

Jasmine scoffed.

“Says who?”

Gray cleared his throat to draw their attention. These couples called his parents won’t stop arguing and bickering.

“Good evening dad, mum.” Gray greeted with a bow.

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“Good evening Mr and Mrs Gerald.” Noel curtsied.

“Look at our beautiful couples. How are you two doing?” Mrs Jasmine hugged Noel.

“We’re fine mum.” Gray answered.

“Come in, come in, let’s have a nice time.” Mr Gerald said, leading them inside.

They got in and sat down.

“How are your parents doing?” He asked Noel.

“They’re fine and ever grateful sir.” Noel answered.

“Good, I spoke with your father yesterday but the network was interrupted. Anyways, welcome.” He smiled.

“Thank you sir.”

“Please stop with all this sir you’re calling me, you’re not my employee. Call me dad or pop.” Mr Gerald said and they laughed.

“Pop indeed, tell me whether she’s licking a lollipop.” Mrs Jasmine teased, making them laugh again.

“You two are really funny.” Noel said.

“Tell me about it.” Gray rolled his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at us young man.” Jasmine glared at him and they laughed again.

“Ella! Get us something to eat!” Mr Gerald yelled.

“Okay sir.” Ella replied from inside.

Food was served and they ate. After that, they had a little discussion on how to go about the preparations for the engagement but they wanted Noel’s parents to be present before making further plans.

Noel really enjoyed their company, it made her forget her worries and had fun. While they were living, Mr Gerald called Gray aside.

“Be hasty and propose to her immediately, wasting time is dangerous because there are other men out there who want her.” Mr Gerald said.

“Okay Dad, I understand your point. I’ll do that as soon as possible.” Gray said.

“That’s good, if God permits, it could be a double wedding between you and Austin.”

“That sounds splendid dad.” Gray smiled.

“You may go now, don’t keep her waiting.” He winked.

Gray laughed and went to meet Noel and his mother having a hearty discussion.

“What are you two talking about?”

“Oh, I was telling Noel what you did when you were 10 years old.” Mrs Jasmine said.

“Mum!” Gray whined.

“Shut up!” She snapped at him and Noel laughed. “As I was saying, so Gray asked me why girls were allowed to wear skirts and boys weren’t, then I told him that it’s because, that’s what girls are supposed to wear. Gray refused saying it was unfair. One fateful day, I returned from the hospital only to meet Gray in a blue polka dotted skirt.”


“Seriously?” Noel couldn’t contain her laughter.

“Yes, he refused to take it off until the day he wore it to school and everyone laughed at him especially Austin, that was when he removed it.”

Noel laughed more.

“Mum, you really need to stop all these, why tell her of all people?” Gray asked, embarrassed.

“I wanted her to know how funny you are.” Mrs Jasmine replied.

“It’s a lie, you wanted her to laugh and tease me with it.” Gray said.

“Exactly.” She laughed and winked at Noel.

“Let’s go Mr polka dots.” Noel teased.

“Mum, see what you’ve caused.” Gray pouted.

They laughed as Noel dragged him to the car.

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“They’ll make a good couple.” Mr Gerald said.

“Yeah, like us.” Mrs Jasmine winked at him.

“Exactly.” He smiled and pecked her forehead.

They watched as the car drove out of the compound and out of sight.

“Thanks for taking me to see your parents.” Noel smiled.

“You’re welcome.” He pecked her cheek and she puts her head on his shoulders again, dozing off.

He smiled at her sleeping figure and played with her soft hair.






Ryan and Krysten were seated on two seats facing Harry’s desk.

“So, you want to help us?” Harry asked, looking at her suspiciously.

“Yes.” Krysten answered.

“Let me ask you this question, why did you agree to do as he said in the first place?” Harry asked.

“I agreed because, he was quite richer than my parents and I didn’t want to be a liability to them. I wanted to do my own stuffs and earn my own money. He also promised to give me half of what we were to gain from this.” Krysten said.

“That’s not nice at all.” Harry said.

“I’m sorry.” She lowered her head.

“No problem though. You say you are the one in possession of the video right?” Harry asked.

“Yes.” She answered.

“Let me have it.” Harry said.

She handed the tape to him.

“What if he put it elsewhere other than here?” Ryan asked.

“You’re right, people like him doesn’t really hold one copy.” Harry said.

“So, if he has another copy of the video, where could it be?” Ryan asked.

“I think it should be in his drawer, he always keeps things he feels are important there.” Krysten said.

“Can you get it?” Ryan asked.

“Of course I can.” She replied.

“So, when are we expecting you?” Harry asked.

“Tomorrow will be okay.” She said.

“Okay.” Harry said and faced his laptop.

“Thanks.” Ryan smiled at her.

“You’re welcome.” She smiled back and stood up before walking out.

Harry cleared his throat, giving Ryan a suspicious look.

“Don’t get any ideas.” Ryan glared at him.

Harry laughed and shook his head. Whatever is going on will be clear soon.





Gray had just finished feeding Noel some cornflakes and she took the mug out to the cafeteria.

Liam entered the office.

Gray adjusted in his seat pretending not to know all that happened.

“Mr Liam, what a lovely surprise, you came to see me today.” Gray smiled.

“Don’t mind me Mr Gray, I’ve been busy lately.” Liam said and they shook hands.

“It’s still nice of you to visit though.”

“Actually I came to inform you of something.” Liam said.

“Okay, I’m listening.” Gray said.

“Mr Harry is planning on duping you of your money.” Liam said.

Gray felt like laughing, this man was truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.



Noel arrived at the cafeteria and just as she dropped the mug, she received a phone call from Quinn.


“Hello Quincy baby, aren’t you in school yet?” Noel asked with a smile.

“Good morning.” A voice spoke from the other end of the phone.

Noel froze, who was this?

“Who is this and what are you doing with my sister’s phone?” Noel asked.

“I am just a passerby ma. I was on the road when your sister got involved in a ghastly motor accident. I tried the numbers on her phone and was able to get only yours and one Damien guy.” The man said.

Noel almost fainted.

“What! Where is she?” Noel asked as tears stream down her cheeks.

“She’s in Lakeville hospital and_”

Noel didn’t wait to hear more and stormed out of the office.

She boarded a cab and rushed to the hospital.




Noel paid and ran into the hospital.

She stopped a nurse.

“Please, a teenage girl was admitted here, where is her ward please?”

“Ward 26, over there.” The nurse pointed to a closed door.

Noel wanted to run there but the nurse drew her back.

“You can’t go in there.” The nurse said.

“Leave me alone.” Noel yelled at her and ran there but was stopped by the people there.

“Be patient ma, she is being attended to.” A man told her, he was the one that called her.

“My innocent sister.” Nope whispered and cried.

Camille came and dragged her to a corner.

“This is just the beginning of your trouble Noel.” Camille said.

“Stop putting my family into this, Quinn is innocent.” Noel cried.

“I don’t care, do as I say and I will spare the rest.” Camille said.

“What do you want?” Noel asked.

“Resign from the office.”


“You heard me, stay away from Gray. If you don’t and luckily your sister survives this, I will come for her and your mum.” Camille said.

“Please don’t, I’ll stay away.” Noel said.

“Good.” Camille smirked and left.

Noel returned to the ward, crying. Damien, Miguel and Snow were already there.

“Miss Noel_” Damien rushed to her but they stopped him.

She wasn’t in the right frame of mind right now.

Damien paced up and down worriedly.

The door opened and the doctor stepped out, with a sad look on his face.

Noel and the rest rushed to him.

“How’s she? How’s my sister?” Noel asked.

“I’m sorry ma but we lost her.” The doctor said.

“You’re… You’re joking right?” Noel and Damien asked at same time, their voice cracking.

“I’m sorry, we tried our best.” The doctor shook his head.

Noel sIumped and fainted.


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