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Another commotion broke out in the hospital, they carried her and quickly took her to the next ward.

“Quinn.” Damien whispered and ran out while Miguel followed him .

Snow ran into the ward and met some nurses covering Quinn with a white piece of clothing.

“Stop and get out! Who told you that she’s dead!” She yelled vigorously.

The nurses shook their heads and moved aside.

Snow ran to Quinn’s lifeless body on the hospital bed, crying furiously.

“Quinn, I know you’re sleeping, you can’t die on me please. We promised to do many things together, we promised to always be beside each other right? Don’t leave me please, I need you, Damien needs you, Aunt Noel needs you more please wake up.” Snow cried holding her hand.

“Quinn!!!” Snow screamed, pouring out her tears more.

Damien rushed into the car that brought them and took out a gvn then stormed back to the hospital.

“What are you doing?” Miguel asked, blocking his way.

“Step aside!” Damien said with a deadly voice.

Miguel knew how he could be whenever he’s angry so he gave way. Damien entered and the nurses started screaming and running helter skelter, the doctor finished attending to Noel and rushed out to see what the commotion was all about.

Damien grabbed him, pointing the gvn at his forehead.

“I’m sure you know who I am Doctor Blaine.” Damien said.

“Yes.” Doctor Blaine shivered.

“Do whatever it takes to revive her else I’ll ki!l you and burn this hospital down.” Damien threatened in tears.

“But she’s dead.” Doc. Blaine said.

“I’ll assume she’s sleeping, so, go in there and wake her up now!” Damien ordered.

Doctor Blaine tried to protest but Damien cracked the gvn.

“Okay, okay, I’ll do as you’ve said.” He said and Damien left him.

“Don’t waste my time, wake her up now!” Damien yelled.

“Nurses, get the defibrillator!” Doctor Blaine yelled and they followed him into the ward immediately.

They brought Snow out and she sat on the floor crying.

“You mean, they’re gonna shock her back to life?” Miguel asked.

“Whatever it is they can do for her to live, I can’t loose her, not now, not ever.” Damien cried and Miguel hugged him, patting his back slowly while shedding his own.

Snow sniffed.

“Who’s gonna wipe my tears when I cry? Who’s gonna hold my hand when I’m down and assure me that all is well? We promised to grow old together Quinn, there were still pranks we planned on our to do list. I can’t believe this, I won’t believe you’re dead.” Snow wailed.

“We need to call Gray.” Miguel said and took his phone.




“I don’t understand what you’re saying Liam, how can Harry plan to dupe me?” Gray asked.

“He came to me yesterday asking us to join hands together and bring a fake business proposal to you. He said that since you hate him, he wanted to get revenge so, I would come to you proposing the business while he would find someone to act and take the money from you.” Liam lied.


“What!” Gray exclaimed, pretending to be surprised.

“Yes, I refused because you know I owe you alot and I love you as a brother that’s why I didn’t want you to get duped. So, I decided to come and inform you to beware of him.” Liam said.

“Thank you so much for this, you are truly a good friend and brother.” Gray smirked, Now he knew why Liam was doing all these, he is trying to join their heads together.

“You’re welcome, I have to be on my way now.” He stood up.

“Okay, thank you once more.” They shook hands.

“You deserve it.” Liam smirked before stepping out.

Gray called Harry and told him what Liam was up to then they decided to step up their plans.

Immediately he dropped his phone, he got a phone call from Miguel. He smiled and picked it up but his expression changed afterwards.

“Quinn? Noel? What hospital?” He asked and immediately he got an answer, he sprung up and entered Austin’s office.

“Lakeville Hospital now!” He yelled and stormed out.

Austin and Scarlet couldn’t comprehend what was going on but followed him out immediately.




Gray rushed in and was directed to the ward.

“What’s happening?” Scarlet asked worriedly.

None of them could answer as they kept weeping.

Gray paced forth and back anxiously then the doctor came out, sweating profusely.

“How did it go?” Damien asked.

“We were able to get her pulse back, she’s unconscious now, let’s hope it remains stable so she’ll wake up soon.” Doctor Blaine said.

“I want to see her.” Damien said.


“I want to see her.” Damien interrupted him, stressing each word.

“You can see her but don’t make much of a noise.” Doctor Blaine instructed and left.

Damien ran in, followed by the rest and that was when Scarlet and Austin understood what happened. Scarlet couldn’t control her tears on seeing Quinn’s condition, there was a bandage around her head and she was placed on oxygen.

She never had any other sibling and Quinn has been like a junior sister to her. She loved her so much and seeing her like this breaks her heart.

Austin held her as she cried in his arms.

Damien sat beside Quinn on the bed.

“You’re too beautiful and awesome to die, you can’t leave me okay? I won’t be able to survive without you.” He held her hand.

“She’ll wake up soon, I believe it.” Miguel said, holding Snow who was still crying.

“Where’s Noel’s ward?” Gray asked.

“The next one.” Miguel answered.

Gray kssed Quinn’s forehead before stepping out. He entered the ward and saw that she had already been placed on drip. He sat beside her on the bed and held her hand.

She moved and her eyes snapped open.

She tried getting up but was hit by a throbbing headache.

“You can’t get up now.” Gray said.

She nodded and laid down back but the memories of the past events flashed back to her head making her stand up abruptly.


“Quinn!” She yelled trying to remove the drip from her hand but Gray stopped her.

“Stop, you’re not in a good condition. Quinn is fine.” Gray said.

“No… The… The… Doctor said she was dead.” Noel burst into tears again.

“No, she has been received and is fine now.”

“I don’t believe you, you’re just saying this to make me feel better.” Noel cried more, struggling with him.

“Calm down baby, Quinn is okay I promise. I’ll make sure she doesn’t die.” Gray said.

Austin and Scarlet entered.

“Scarlet, they said my Angel is dead. It’s a lie right? She’s… She’s alive right? Tell me Gray isn’t lying.” Noel wailed.

Scarlet hugged her.

“Yes, she’s alive. Damien is with her right now.” Scarlet said.

“I want to see her, I want to see my sister.” Noel said.

“You can’t see her now dear, you aren’t even in a good condition yourself.” Scarlet said.

“I want to see her, I won’t rest till I do.” She removed the drip.

“Noel wait… Let the doctor confirm you’re okay first.” Austin said.

“Not until I see Quinn.” Noel said.

“Okay, let me take you to see her.” Gray held her hand and took her to Quinn’s ward.

Noel ran to her.

“My baby, thank God. I’m sorry for allowing this happen to you.” Noel cried, holding her hand.

“It isn’t your fault, once I lay my hands on that driver, he or she will wish they were never born.” Damien said.

Noel sniffed.

“Please wake up soon! I’m waiting for you.” Noel said.

Mr and Mrs Pat entered.

“So it’s true?” Mrs Evie started crying.

“Please don’t cry, she’ll wake up soon. She’s only unconscious.” Scarlet said.

Miguel has called them when he phoned the rest.

Mr Pat was sad, not knowing what to do.

“My precious daughter.” She wailed more.

“Mum, stop! You aren’t feeling well, don’t add this to your health. It will deteriorate.” Noel said.

“She needs space please, you all should come back tomorrow.” The nurse there said.

“Please let me stay with her, I want to be here when she wakes up.” Damien pleaded.

The nurse wanted to protest but Austin stopped her.

“I’d obey if I were you.” He said, knowing the kind of brother he had.

She nodded and the rest stepped out and waited outside the ward.

“Please wake up soon.” Damien held her hand.




Krysten entered the house, luckily, he wasn’t back yet. She rushed to his room and opened the door to his study. She entered and started checking his drawers.

She went to the one she suspected the video might be in and checked but saw nothing.

“Where did this goat keep the video now?” She bit her fingers, using her eyes to look round.

Her eyes caught a small box on top of a shelf and she smiled.

She picked it and opened it, to her surprise, the video tape was there.

She smiled and took it but when she turned, she bumped into Liam.

“Why are you snooping around my stuffs?” He asked.

“I.. I wanted to get something.” She gulped down.


“Which is?” He asked.

“This video tape, the one I had got erased by mistake and was stolen alongside my bag in the cab.” She lied through gritted teeth.

“Really, do you think I’m a fool?” He asked angrily.

“I was hoping you were.” She answered.

“Why will you betray me like this?” Liam asked.

“For your information, you used me and you’re planning to betray me as well.” She said.

“You’re right. Now that I have you, my plans will be quicker than I expected.” He grabbed her.

“Let me go you imbe¢ile!” She yelled, struggling but he was stronger than her.

In the process of struggling, she took a vase and broke it on his head. He fell and went unconscious while she screamed and ran out.




Camille just took wine and was celebrating her victory.

“This is awesome! You needed to see her face Julie.” She laughed.

“I can only imagine.” Julie said.

“Gray is finally gonna be mine.”

“What about the plan of setting her and Austin up?” Julie asked.

“That’s not needed anymore darling. I have what I want.” Camille smiled.

“Okay, so, can I bring the food now?” Julie asked.

“Sure! Let us celebrate.” Camille smiled.

Julie smirked and went into the kitchen. She came out later with a plate of rice and peppered chicken.

Camille watched as she dropped it on the dining and a smile played on her lips. She stood up and locked the door before catwalking to the dinning.

She got there and stared at the food.

“I made your favorite.” Julie smiled.

“I see…” Camille trailed off, pulled her t-shirt up and brought out a gvn, pointing it at Julie.

Julie gasped.

“You wanna poison me right?” Camille asked.

“Me? No, I would never.” Julie was already shivering.

“Okay, eat the food.” Camille ordered.

“I… I.. I…” Julie stuttered.

“Do not waste my time.” Camille said, impatience evident in her tone.

“I can’t.” Julie answered.

“Who sent you to poison me?” Camille asked.

Julie was quiet, Camille cracked the gvn and she screamed.

“It was Teresa, she said she wanted Gray for herself and that we should po!son you then when you d!e, she can have Gray and u will have my revenge on you because you slept with my boyfriend.” Julie cried.

“I told you he came to me willingly, I never forced myself on your dumb boyfriend.” Camille shot the ceiling.

“Please don’t kll me.” Julie begged, kneeling down.

“Betrayal has consequences. You and Teresa are meeting the d’vil today!”


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