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By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 32

Mrs Suzie Evans stood up and opened the door. She was surprised at who she saw


“I’m back mum” Camille smiled brightly holding her luggages with Julie behind her

Julie has been her personal assistant even before she traveled to Korea.

“Aren’t you letting me in or you are not happy to see me” Camille frowned

“No it’s not like that. I was just surprised to see you. You didn’t tell me you were coming” Mrs Suzie said,giving way for her to come in

Camille entered the house with Julie and her father gasped on seeing her

“Hello Father”

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming?” Mr Evans asked

“Network failure dad. Both of you are behaving like you don’t want me here” She said and sat down

“We are surprised. No one expected you to come since you never called” Her mum said

“But I’m here now so let’s talk business”

Her parents glanced at themselves

“Business?” They asked in unison

“I’m back for Gray. I want him back” Camille went straight to the point.

She was the kind of lady that doesn’t play with words or go beating around the bush. She believes action speaks louder than words which makes her dangerous whenever she’s determined to achieve a goal.

“You can’t get Gray now. Not after ditching him” Mr Evans said

“Yeah. All we need is a good enough excuse to brainwash him. Let’s make him think something happened to me. For example,I was kidnapped and taken to another country. Something like that” She said

“What about the ill treatment we gave him?” Her mum asked

“We will cover that up as well. My job is at the verge of falling apart. We are going to loose all we’ve worked for very soon. You didn’t tell me you were going bankrupt but I know. As of now,Gray is the most richest man in California followed by Austin. I would have gone for Austin but I hate his guts” She said in irritation

“What about the deal you got in Korea? Don’t tell me you squandered all that money” Mr Evans said

“Well,I have nothing to say about that. Just give me the keys to my apartment and let me leave here. I want to stay where I can track him easily” She said

“Are you sure about this Camille? Gray showed_”

“Yes I know he showed off a bitçh on television and she is also part of my main problem now. I won’t let her take him” She interrupted her mother

“As you wish then but becareful” Her dad said and she nodded

He stood up for his room and got the keys then gave them to her.

“Julie,call a cleaner for me. I want that place to be sparkling when I return. Take the keys and be snappy with it”

Julie collected the key and stepped out. It’s been 2 years since they visited California but she still knew her way around.



“I still can’t believe all these” Silvia said

“Believe what?” Teresa asked

“Noel and her sister of course. How can they be so heartless as to allow Gray and Damien detain two brothers” Silvia lamented

“That’s their own cup of coffee. All I want is a quiet and unnoticeable revenge. The problem is we can’t do her anything as far as she is still in the company” Teresa said

“You’re right. We just need something that will make her step out even if it’s a little” Silvia said

“I’m sure we are gonna think of something” Teresa smirked



Noel finally left Gray’s house. Lia pleaded for her to stay but she had no choice. Scarlet was determined to bring her home. Gray wasn’t happy she left either but he took solace in the fact that she will be his very soon.


“Gosh I’m so exhausted” Noel plopped down in the bed “i miss my bed but I’m gonna miss Gray’s bed more”

“You slept on same bed with him?” Scarlet looked at her suspiciously

“I thought I was until I woke up this morning to find him in the couch. I don’t know why he left the bed” Noel said

“I think it’s because of how you sleep” Scarlet laughed

Noel rolled her eyes

“I don’t sleep cràzy. I sleep peacefully”

Scarlet scoffed

“Anyways,my parents are in town” Scarlet said

“Wow. When did they come?”

“Yesterday” Scarlet answered

“Have you gone to see them?”

“They’re still settling down so I’ll go some other time” Scarlet smiled

“I can’t wait to see your mum”

“I can”

“You don’t seem happy that your parents are here”. Noel said

“Who told you that?” Scarlet laughed

“It’s obvious. Now spill the beans and tell me me what’s up” Noel said

“When they come now, they’ll start asking me to prepare for marriage and if I don’t have any suitor before they asked me that, they’ll choose for me”


“I’m their heiress” Scarlet replied plainly

“So? I’m giving them a piece of my mind if they try that”

“I trust you girl” Scarlet laughed



Mr Cooper paced forth and back thinking of what to do to get them out of jail.

“Should we beg them?” He asked

“Never. We won’t beg any of them. I don’t Know why Gray is so stone hearted. And Damien,he is even the worst. How can he réstriçt me from bailing my sons out” Precia said

“Our hands are tied now Precia. The only thing to do is beg them. I told you my visit to his house wasn’t a nice one. The so called Noel of a lady embarrassed me” Mr Cooper said

“I’m so frustrated right now. I can’t watch myself beg a teenager”




She sat on her chair and sipped her wine continuously when Julie entered.

“Good day ma” Julie bowed

“What are your findings?” Camille asked,ignoring the greeting

“He is still at G.G enterprises only that he renovated the building making it look bigger and better than before” Julie said

Camille smirked

“What about the lady?”

“She is his personal assistant. I was able to hack into his phone and got a record of his last conversation. He is taking her on a date tomorrow night at Food Palace” Julie said

“A date?” Camille stood up abruptly “This can only mean one thing. He wants to profess love to her”

“I guess so” Julie said

“I won’t let that happen while I’m still alive” Camille yelled

“What are you going to do now?” Julie asked

“What else if not to ruin that dinner” Camille chuckled evilly


Noel didn’t go to work that day. She was missing Gray terribly but she needed to purchase something for her mother’s birthday which is today.

She entered the phone store and looked around. Her mum was always complaining about getting a new phone so she decided to gift her one for her birthday.

She heard her mum saying Samsung Galaxy S7 was a good phone so she took it and went to the counter.

“I’d like to purchase this please” She said and the man directed her to lady who seemed to be the cashier. Noel smiled and was about leaving when she bumped into a lady with a big hat and sunglasses.

“I’m so sorry ma’am” Noel apologized

“No problem” The lady replied and continued moving when the alert siren in the phone store blared noisily.

“A thief A thief” The manager yelled “Lock everywhere in the store. No one must go out” He ordered and they obeyed


People started murmuring. Who could be the thief and what did the person steal?

Noel wasn’t as shocked and confused as everyone else.

“You all should surrender your bags for proper checking. Someone stole a very expensive phone from here” The manager said

He walked over to Noel

“I want to check your bag ma’am”

“Sure. Go ahead” Noel gave him her bag and he checked but saw nothing.

He scratched his head nervously and looked at her in surprise

“What? Were you expecting it to be me?” She asked

“No I just…”

“You don’t even know what to say. Open the doors and let the reporters in. I want the whole world to see this” Noel yelled and the doors were opened

The reporters rushed in,ready to see and hear what was going to take place. Their cameras were already flashing and it was gonna be broadcasted live.

“This man you see here attempted to frame and get me arrested” Noel pointed at the manager and everyone gasped “That’s not all. He has an accomplice too” Noel pointed at the lady with a big hat and sunglasses

The lady tried to run but people caught her and brought her before Noel

“Two of them planned to sneak one of the most expensive phone in this store into my bag”

“You’re lying. Do you have proof?” The lady asked

“Of course I do” Noel brought out her phone and played the recording



Noel was still going around looking for a phone when she saw them discussing. She hid to listen

“You see that lady on blue gown? I want you to frame her for stealing” The lady said

Noel looked at herself and she was wearing a blue gown so she brought out her phone and recorded the conversation.

“Why?” The manager asked

“I have a score to settle with her. I will pay you excellently and help your business if you do this”

“But who are you?”

“Who I am doesn’t matter now. All that matters is that I want her jailed” The lady said “Are you doing it or not?”

“I’ll do it”

“Good. Here is the plan. I’m gonna pretend to bump into her at the store then slid the phone into her bag. When she’s going to the cashier,I will give you a sign to raise an alarm and lock everywhere”

“Okay ma’am”

“Don’t scrèw this up okay?” The lady said sternly

“I won’t”

Noel ended the record and left there immediately. She acted like nothing happened and kept searching the store for a phone when the lady bumped into her. Noel smiled and took the phone out of her bag. She hid it and took her mum’s own.

When she left the man at the counter to go to the cashier,she bumped into the lady purposely and put the phone back in the lady’s bag before the alarm sounded



After listening to the record and Noel’s side of the story,the people jeered and insulted the lady and the manager.

“You are a liar” The lady snapped

“Tell that to the cops” Noel said as the cops came in and handcuffed her and the manager

“You’ll pay for this” The lady yelled

“Pfft” Noel scoffed and moved closer to her “I wanna see who you really are” She said and removed the hat and sunglasses “Teresa?”

“You may have won this time Noel but I won’t relent till I wipe you off from the surface of this Earth” Teresa said

“You can do that in jail. Take them away” Noel ordered and the cops took Teresa and the manager away. The manager was too ashamed to say anything. He just covered his face.

The people looked at Noel and commended her for her bravery and smartness. The reporters aired all that happened live and Gray who was watching it in the car couldn’t help but smile. He was actually on his way to Noel’s parents house. His father had a surprise for them.


Camille on the other hand was furious because she knew things like this makes people popular and she hates getting overshadowed.

The owner of the store came and thanked her before she left with a victorious smile on her face.



“Happy Birthday To You” They ended the song and cheered as she cut her cake

“Hip Hip Hip” Noel said

“Hurray!!!” They all shouted

“Happy Birthday Mummy” Quinn kssed her cheeks

“Thank you baby” Evie replied

“Happy Birthday mum. Wishing you long life and prosperity” Noel hugged her

“Happy Birthday Honey” Her husband kssed her

“Ewwww” Quinn shouted and they laughed

Suddenly,they heard a knock on the door. Noel opened it and was surprised to see Gray

“Before you ask,I’m here for your mum” Gray said and she let him in “Happy Birthday Mrs Pat”

“Thanks Gray. You’re welcome” She smiled

“I would like you all to follow me. My dad has a special birthday gift for you” He said and they glanced at each other

“A gift?” Evie asked

“Yeah. Come with us please” He said

Noel gave him the “What’s going on?” Look and he winked at her making her blush

They all entered the limousine he brought for them and he personally drove them to their location. His parents, Austin’s parents, Scarlet, Austin, Damien, Miguel and Summer were already there. They stepped out of the limousine and looked around. The place was really beautiful. There were balloons everywhere and refreshments lined up on the tables.

They all turned towards Mrs Pat and sang a birthday song for her. She was shedding tears of joy and her husband couldn’t hide his shock.

“Welcome to your birthday party” They all cheered

“Thank you all so much” She said as they led her to the place

“You did all these for my mum?” Noel asked Gray

“Yeah. She deserves it for giving birth to an Angel like you” He winked

“Don’t start” She glared at him and he laughed before leading her to the dance floor

The DJ made everyone dance to their hearts content. Scarlet was also dancing with Austin while Quinn was too shy to even come close to Damien and Miguel. They just laughed at her and danced with little Summer instead.

After they had finished dancing,Mr Gerald collected the Mic to make an announcement.

“May I have your attention?” Mr Gerald said

They all turned to face him

“Once again,happy birthday Mrs Pat” He smiled

“Thank you so much sir” She smiled back

“On behalf of Myself and everyone present,I would like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Patterson on the launching of their new bakery and restaurant” He said and they clapped

“New bakery and restaurant?” Mr Pat asked in confusion

“Yeah” Mr Gerald smiled and pointed to the big building in front of them. It was made of glass and looked really beautiful.

“It’s for you” He said and Noel almost fainted but Gray held her

“I don’t understand” Mrs Pat said

“This building is officially yours Mr and Mrs Patterson” He said and everywhere shook with applause

Mrs Evie stood there as tears rolled down her cheeks


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