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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 50

“Betrayal has consequences. You and Teresa are meeting the devil today!” Camille yelled.

“No please, you can’t do this to me.” Julie begged.

“You should have thought of that before betraying me.” Camille said.

“I’m sorry, it won’t repeat itself again.” Julie pleaded in tears.

“Stand up!” Camille ordered, ignoring her pleas.

Julie stood up.

“Now enter that room over there.” She pointed to a room close to the dinning.

Julie obeyed, Camille tied her to a chair there and covered her mouth.

“Nothing must ruin my plans.” Camille took out her phone and dialed Teresa’s number.

“Hello Camille.” Teresa answered from the receiving end.

“I need you at my house right now, I’m sure our plans won’t fail this time.” Camille said.

“That’s awesome Camille but I’m escorting Silvia to the airport, she’s moving back to Miami, how about I visit you after that.” Teresa said.

“Okay, no problem bit please be fast. We haven’t got time to waste.” Camille said.

“I will, thanks alot. Bye!”

“Bye.” Camille hung up and smirked.

Since they’ve decided to awaken the beast in her, she wouldn’t show anyone mercy anymore.

As for Noel, de..ath will visit her soon, she didn’t want any more obstacles in her way.




Krysten was allowed into the compound by the gatemen and rushed to the door, pounding on it heavily. Immediately Ryan opened the door, she ran in, panting heavily.

Ryan went to her.

“What is it?” He asked worriedly.

“Water, water.” That’s what she kept saying.

Ryan ran to his kitchen and brought water. She opened it and gulped down the whole bottle.

“Are you okay?” Ryan asked and she burst into tears.

“I klled him, I klled a man. Am I going to be arrested? I don’t wanna be arrested, it was a mistake.” She wept.

“Krysten, I don’t understand what you’re saying. Who did you kll?” Ryan asked.

“I klled Liam.” She said.

“How?” Ryan asked in a surprised tone.

Krysten started explaining while he listened attentively.

“While we were struggling, I carried the vase and broke it on his head. He fell on the floor unconscious, I think he’s dead.” She said.

“You’re being overly paranoid. A vase can’t kll him, maybe he just fainted.” Ryan said.

“Are you sure? Because I’m scared. I only panicked and hit him, it wasn’t intentional.”She explained.

“You don’t need to worry. He will be fine.”

“Okay, that’s a relief then. Here is the last video tape” She handed it over to him and he collected.

“When he awakes, then we set things straight.”




Liam opened his eyes slowly and a throbbing headache h!t him. He winced in pain and held his head, it was bIeeding.

“I can’t believe that bçh did this to me.” He muttered, struggling to stand up.

He then remembered that the video tape is with Krysten. He yelled in anger and threw down everything on his study table.

“She ruined my plans! She ruined everything! ” He yelled more, not minding the headache h!tting him.


He wondered what he was going to do now, he didn’t know how he trusted her in the First place now, she has betrayed him.

He stopped for a while, they’re really going to send it to Gray and if that should happen, Gray would come for him so he rushed and started packing.

He was going to leave California for a while.




Krysten and Ryan a were seated before me.

“So?” Harry asked

“We need to get him arrested as soon as possible.” Ryan said.


“He knows that the video is already with us and will do anything to run away.” Ryan said.

“You’re right, the man is a green Snake in a green grass. Can you believe he went and told Gray that we were planning to dupe him.” Harry said.

“What! Such a backstabber.” Ryan yelled

‘”It’s obvious.” Krysten said carelessly.

Harry took his phone and dialed the police number.



The next day…


Damien sat and watched Quinn all night,he didn’t even want to miss the slightest move of her hand, his head was in turmoil, he knew he was 17 but frankly speaking, he has never loved anyone like this his entire life.

He remembered the first girl he was crushing on, she took everything he had but wasn’t even in love with him. Though, they had good times but it wasn’t compared to what he felt for Quinn. She was like an angel sent from the skies to wipe away his sorrows.

He wasn’t that sociable till he met her and she changed everything.

Miguel entered with Snow, Noel and Gray.

Noel held Damien’s shoulders.

“Won’t you go to school?” She asked him.

“School? There is no school without Quinn by my side. I’m waiting for her to wake up, then I will go to school.” He answered.

She sighed heavily, she was Quinn’s sister but it seems all these affected Damien most.

“We’ll see you when we’re back from school okay?” Miguel hugged him.

“Okay.” He answered.

Snow cupped his cheeks, not wanting to cry again.

“She’ll wake up soon.” She said.

Damien nodded and bade them farewell.

Miguel and Snow left for school while Noel sat on the bed.

“I love you baby, please wake up for us all.” Noel pecked her forehead.

Gray sat beside Noel and she stiffened.

“I’m certain that she will wake up soon. Whatever it takes, I’m ready to do it.” Gray said.

She shifted from him and smiled hurtfully.

“Thanks.” She said and stood up before hurrying out of the hospital.

Gray followed her immediately, unsure of what was happening. He held her hand.

“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m perfectly fine.” She said.

“Are you sure? You don’t sound fine. You sound anxious.” Gray tried to touch her but she moved back.

“I’m fine, okay?” She said then walked away.

Gray stood, transfixed on the spot. What could be wrong with her? He wondered




Camille sat on the chair in her living room having some wine. Teresa didn’t show up the previous dày and she wasn’t taking it likely. She would make sure she made Teresa pay for everything.


She took her phone and dialed her number.

“Hello Camille.” Teresa said, from the other end of the phone.

“I asked you to come yesterday, why didn’t you?” She asked casually.

“I’m sorry, I got involved in something else since Silvia left so I forgot. I’m sorry.” Teresa apologized sincerely,

“It’s like you don’t want to be part of this deal anymore right?” Camille asked.

“No, I want to be a part of it please, I’ll come this evening.”

“Good! Then we can eat and drink to celebrate a bit of my victory.” Camille smirked.

“Okay. I can’t wait.” Teresa smirked. This would be the end of Camille, she thought and smiled happily.

Camille hung up and picked her gun.

“Two worthless lives are gonna be lost today.” She smiled widely then stood up.

She was going to instill more fears on Noel, she would make sure Noel breaks Gray’s heart which will give her a chance to come in again.

She entered her car and drove off.



Noel kept walking by the side of the road, deep and lost in thought. She was looking for a place to pour out her tears. She knew Gray was hurt but she was defenseless. She can’t do anything.

She sniffed when a car parked in front of her, the glass wound down and Camille faced her coldly.

“Get in!” She ordered.

Noel entered the car reluctantly and wiped her tears.

“What do you want?” She asked Camille.

“You look really beautiful today.” Camille smiled mischievously.

“That’s not the answer to my question.” Noel said.

“Have you resigned from the office?” Camille asked.

“I will resign when I feel like.” Noel answered.

“I’m not surprised at your sudden boldness,” She brought out a gun and Noel gasped. “I hate playing around with words Noella. I am not a bi*ch for nothing and I hate being disobeyed. Meet him tomorrow and resign from work else, you see this gun, the bullets will be planted in your mother’s head. I know you’re really going to like that.” Camille smiled.

“Tell me one reason why you won’t let me be.” Noel snapped at her.

“Gray, I want Gray. Let me have him and all your trials will end.”


“Then get ready for more deaths, I swear I won’t spare any of you.” Camille threatened.

“Will that satisfy you?” Noel asked.

“Yeah and it will benefit me as well,” She leans closer to Noel “And if by mistake I hear whatever we’ve discussed elsewhere, Mrs Patterson won’t survive it. You know what I mean.” Camille smirked.

“You won’t get away with all these.” Noel got out of the car and slammed the door shut.

Camille smiled, she really loved where all these was going and she would make sure, Gray becomes hers.



Later that day…


Camille got back and went to where she tied Julie, she bent to her level and smiled before removing the piece of clothing tied to her mouth.

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“Hey Assistant!” She said with a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

“You’re a d’vil!” Julie exclaimed.

“That’s a pretty good name my love.” Camille said.

“I hate you!”

“The feeling is mutual dear. Maybe after your de..ath today, you will grow to love me.” Camille laughed.

“Even in my next world Camille, I will come back and kll you.” Julie said with tears in her eyes.

“Sure! I would love to see you try.” Camille smirked.

They heard the sound of the door bell.

“My humble visitor has arrived. Now, he a good little girl and stay mute.” Camille tied her mouth again before leaving for the living room.

She opened the door and welcomed Teresa with a wide smile.

“Good evening Camille.” Teresa smiled.

“Evening. Come in!” Camille said.

Teresa entered but didn’t see Julie, all she saw was food on the table.

“Where’s your assistant?” She asked casually.

“After she cooked and served my food, I sent her to get me a very expensive wine for our celebration.” Camille smiled.

“Okay,so have you eaten yet?” Teresa asked.

“No,I was waiting for you but since you’re here, let’s eat but before that I want to show you something really cool.” Camille said.

“Okay.” Teresa smiled.

Camille led the way to a room and Teresa followed immediately. They got to the door.

“After you.” Camille smiled.

“The stuff you have must be for me then.” Teresa beamed.

“Of course.” Camille replied with a hidden meaning.

“Okay.” Teresa opened the door and Camille pushed her in and locked it.

Teresa gasped when she saw Julie, she turned to Camille who pointed a gun at her forehead. She knelt down abruptly.

“Please, don’t kll me. What have I done?” Teresa asked tearfully.

“You wanted to kll me right?” Camille asked.


“Speechless! Do you take me for a f00l? I am deadly fir a reason, I don’t tolerate betrayal either. I don’t want to waste words on you so say your last prayers.” She ordered.

“I’m sorry!” Teresa cried, she was already shivering.

“That isn’t a prayer!”

She sh©t Teresa twice on the head then sh..ot Julie on the chest. Both fell in their own pool of bIood, she looked at their lifeless bodies with disdain. She ordered her trusted guards to put their bodies in the car which she drove by herself. She took them to a bush and dumped them there. The guards dumped them in a place nobody would find them before returning to her.

“Not a word of this to anyone!” She said to the guard.

“I promise.” He raised his hand up.

“Good! Clean up that room!” She ordered and stepped into the car then they drove away.




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