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By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 33

“This building is officially yours Mr and Mrs Patterson” He said and everywhere shook with applause

Mrs Evie stood there as tears rolled down her cheeks

“Am I dreaming?” Mr Pat asked as Mr Gerald gave him the key

“No you aren’t. Now go open your new restaurant” Mrs Jasmine said and they clapped and cheered

Noel ran and hugged Gray’s parents

“Thank you so much” She said and they hugged her back

“This is the best birthday gift ever” Mrs Evie said and hugged them

Her husband opened it and the music started playing again as they cheered. Noel hugged Gray too

“Thank you” She said and pulled away

“You’re welcome” Gray smiled

They continued dancing. Quinn kept looking at Damien from where she stood. He was really cute and dreamy. She was so lost that she didn’t know when he left and stood before her.

“You’re drooling” He said and she snapped out of her reverie

“No I wasn’t” She looked away shyly

“But I caught you” He made her look at him

“I was looking at something else” She replied

“You’re not good at lying” He laughed

“So you noticed?”

“Yeah. Now tell me why you’ve been avoiding me?” He asked and she bit her lip


“Don’t lie this time around” He glared at her

She looked at him nervously. How is she gonna tell him she was shy and nervous? What would he think of her? She needed to do something

“I wanna dance with you” She said and he smiled, forgetting the question he asked her

“Really?” His smile mesmerized her and she gulped before answering


He took her hand and led her to the dance floor


“Aren’t you tired of dancing?” Austin asked Scarlet who danced like there was no tomorrow

“Nope. I love dancing alot” She said

“That means you’ve been dancing since you were a child then” He said,sipping his wine

“Yeah but my parents never allowed me to dance”


“Story for another day” She said and continued dancing

Mrs Rosella looked at Austin and their eyes met. She winked at him and continued dancing with her husband.


Summer got sight of Noel and left Miguel.

“Hi Angel” She waved,smiling brightly

“Hey little Summer. How are you today?” Noel asked,bending to her level

“I’m fine. I missed you” She said and Gray cleared his throat

“Awwwn” Noel carried her up

“Don’t you miss me?” Gray asked

“No” Summer glared at him and looked away

Gray held his chest dramatically


The party ended later in the day. Noel’s parents thanked Mr Gerald and the rest continually.

After sometime,they all headed to their respective destinations.





Quinn and Snow sat on their table. Snow couldn’t eat. Instead she was using her fork to play with the food.

“What’s wrong Snow? Don’t you like the food?” Quinn ashed worriedly

“I don’t feel like eating” Snow replied sadly

“What happened? I’m your friend and you can tell me”

“It’s complicated” Snow replied

“I wanna hear it” Quinn said

“This might sound cràzy but I think something is wrong with me” Snow said


“I can’t seem to get Miguel’s images off my head. My thoughts gets clouded by his. I can’t do anything without thinking about him. I dream about him and it’s really giving me a hard time concentrating” Snow said

“This can only mean one thing Snow. You love him” Quinn said


“It can’t be” Snow shakes her head

“Stop acting stubborn and accept the truth already”


“It’s complicated. I keep thinking of her all the time. I can’t even sleep without seeing her face” Miguel complained to Damien

They were in the garden

“That means you love her dude” Damien said

“I’m not sure”

“Stop arguing with me Miguel. You love Snow” Damien said

Miguel was quiet for a while

“I guess so but does she like me too?” Miguel asked

“Why don’t you ask her?” Damien said

“I’ll try” Miguel smirked

“Seriously?” Damien rolled his eyes amd Miguel winked at him




Gray was in his office getting some files done. It was only 2 hours left before the dinner and he needed to be ready. He already sent Noel home so she would get ready. He sent Scarlet after her too.

Damien entered his office with Miguel and they sat down.

“What are you two doing here?” Gray asked

“We came to tell you good luck on your date tonight” Damien said

“Who told you I was going on a date?” Gray asked

“Miss Lia told Miguel. Miguel told me so I said we should come and wish you luck” Damien said

Gray glared at Miguel

“Stop glaring at me. It’s not my fault that I was too excited” Miguel said

Austin entered

“What are these two troûblesome rascals doing here?” Austin asked

“Hey! We aren’t troublesome” Damien said

“Are you minding him?” Miguel hissed

“What did you say?” Austin asked giving them a threatening look

“Nothing” Miguel smiled nervously

Raymond entered the office

“Mrs Precia Cooper is here. She request to see you” Raymond said

“Let her in” Gray smiled and Raymond left

Mrs Precia opened the door and came in

“Have a seat” Gray said and she sat down “How may I help you ma’am?”

“Mr Gray,Damien and Miguel,I have come to plead for mercy on behalf of my sons. I know they did the wrong thing and I’m sorry on their behalf. Please don’t sue them to court” She begged in tears

They all looked at themselves then back at her

“You’re aware that what your sons did is punishable under the law right?” Gray asked

“Yes and that’s why I have come to beg”

“Your husband came to my house to cause troûble over this issue. He insulted the people that matters to me. If you were in my shoes,will you listen to his pleas?” Gray asked, looking at her intently

“I’m really sorry on his behalf. Please they’re the only children I have. Please have mercy” She burst into tears

Gray pitied her and sighed

“Fine. Harry will be released but I don’t know about Ryan. He won’t be released till Damien says so” Gray said and Mrs Precia cvrsed under her breath

She has been trying to avoid this and now she is compelled to ask a teenager for help. She swallowed her pride and decided to do it for the sake of her sons

“Damien,please I’m sorry for what Ryan did. It was so childish of him to do that. Please pardon him. I’m begging as a mother” She said in tears

Damien exchanged glances with Miguel and they nodded

“Fine. I will but if such action should repeat itself again,your sons will be gone for good” Damien warned

“They won’t try it. Thank you so much. I owe you one” She said

“Please don’t owe me anything. I have made my point” Damien said

“Okay. Thanks a bunch” She smiled

Right there in her presence, they made a phone call requesting for Harry and Ryan’s release.


“It’s done” Gray said

“Thank you” She said and ran out in a hurry to get to the station

“If those two rascals try anything,I will make sure they rot in jail” Gray said

“I think they’ve learnt their lessons” Austin laughed

“I hope so” Miguel said

Gray stopped what he was doing.

“I have to go now. I need to prepare for the dinner date. Tell all the employees to go home. We all are closing early today” Gray said

“I think the love bug bit him so hard” Miguel whispered into Damien’s ears and they giggled

“I’ll soon cut out your tiny throàts one by one” Gray said and they flinched

Austin went to make the announcement and the employees started leaving. After they had all gone,Gray drove them to his house.



They entered and Lia dragged him upstairs

“You’re gonna be late. I’ve prepared your bath already so go in and freshen up then come back while I get your suit ready” She said in one breath and Gray laughed

“Stop laughing and get in” She yelled and he rushed into the bathroom

He came out few minutes later and she had prepared all he needed.

“Taa_daa” She showed him his suit

“Lia I_”

“Don’t you like it? Since Noel is gonna be wearing red,I thought it would be r©mantic for you to put on white. Now you don’t like it and I’ll have to choose something else. I’m sorry. I should have thought of what you need and what you liked”

“Lia stop already. I’m the one going on a date and I should be nervous not you. Besides I was gonna say I love the suit” He said and her face lit up



He put it on and she styled his hair making him look hot and attractive. She gave him a bouquet of roses and asked him to give it to her when he gets there.

Gray alighted the stairs and Austin,Damien and Miguel jaws dropped. He looked breathtakingly handsome and they couldn’t take their eyes off him

“Stop drooling. I know I’m handsome” He said and they laughed

“You look awesome” They said at once and he winked before leaving



Scarlet was done with Noel and she looked amazing. She was wearing a red handless gown with a tiny waist. It’s chest was embedded with emeralds and there was a silver lining at the end reaching a bit below her knees. Her hair fell on her back in waves and her red lip stick made her look hotter.

“Gray is gonna drool when he sees you” Scarlet squealed happily

“You sure? I feel like I overdid everything” Noel said

“It’s perfect” Scarlet said and they heard a car horn

“I guess he’s the one” Noel said

Scarlet peeped through their window

“Yeah. He is the one” Scarlet replied

Gray knocked and Scarlet opened the door. He came in and when he saw Noel,he froze and stared.

She was looking hot and melting his heart at the same time

“I told you he would drool” Scarlet said to Noel

“He isn’t looking bad either” Noel smiled and poked his forehead

He jerked up and smiled

“You can’t lie. I caught you this time” Noel said

“Fine. You’re just looking too beautiful. Good job Scarlet” Gray said

“My pleasure. You two have fun” Scarlet said

Gray turned to Noel and gave her the roses

“For you” He said and she took it

“Thanks. You look kissable” Noel smirked

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“Now you sound like a flirt” Gray said

“Yeah I know” She said and stepped out

“Good luck” Scarlet shook Gray’s hand before he left

He opened the car door for Noel and she entered. He closed it then entered and drove to Food Palace.



Camille was dressed up too. She wore a long black gown and heels then let her blonde hair fall on her shoulders in waves.

“He has left ma. They would be there any moment from now” Julie said

“Sweet. It’s go time” She smirked and stepped out of her house.

She took her car keys and entered while Julie followed her. She stepped on the engine and drove out as the gate opened automatically.

She was gonna make sure that dinner doesn’t hold and if it holds,she would ruin it. Gray is hers and hers alone. She won’t let any one take him. She had all she was going to say planned out and no one will stop her.



Gray had reserved the restaurant for that evening. No one except them would use it. He led Noel in and it was decorated beautifully.

“This place looks beautiful” She said

“You’re more beautiful Noel” Gray said and she blushed

He pulled out a seat for her and she sat down before he did same.

Maureen came and served them red wine first

“Enjoy” She smiled and winked at Noel

A minute later…

“I have something I’ve been meaning to tell you Noel” Gray started

“Okay I’m listening” She said

“First,I would love to thank you for coming into my life. Second,for always being there. This was the first place we saw each other and interacted for the first time” He said

“Yeah I remembered. That was when I tasted your food to be sure there was no garlic” She said

They laughed

“Yeah it was. In as much as I hated to admit it back then,I grew fond of you. Your character,your personality. Everything about you made me wanna know you more. I never realized how much my heart yearns for you then. I don’t want to go about saying stories,I want to go straight to the point” Gray smiled

“Which is?”

“I love you” Gray said and tears dropped from her eyes

“Are you sure like you’re sure?” Noel asked to confirm

“Yeah I’m really sure. I love you so much from the bottom of my heart” Gray said

She was about to reply when the door burst open and Camille walked in

“Baby, I’m back” She smiled,walking towards them majestically

Gray’s eyes widened in shock. Noel was confused. Who is this lady and why is she calling Gray baby?

Gray stood up,still unable to process what’s going on

Camille got to where they were and glared at Noel ev’lly before wrapping her hands around Gray’s neck

“I’m back my love and I miss you dearly” She said

Gray was still in shock

“Ca…Ca…Camille?” He managed to say and she smirked


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