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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 34

“Baby, I’m back” She smiled,walking towards them majestically

Gray’s eyes widened in shock. Noel was confused. Who is this lady and why is she calling Gray baby?

Gray stood up,still unable to process what’s going on

Camille got to where they were and glared at Noel evilly before wrapping her hands around Gray’s neck

“I’m back my love and I miss you dearly” She said

Gray was still in shock

“Ca…Ca…Camille?” He managed to say and she smirked

“Yeah I’m back” She smiled and wanted to kiss him but he pushed her away

“She’s the Camille?” Noel asked,looking at her from head to toes

“Yes” Gray replied “Where have you been and what are you doing here?”

“Gray come on. Stop behaving like this. You wouldn’t want to know what I passed through” Camille started shedding tears

“What you passed through? What damn thing did you pass through that made you ditch our wedding” Gray asked

He noticed Noel was feeling uneasy so he took her hands and intertwined it with his. She smiled and he gave her an assuring hug. Camille was so angry after seeing that but she suppressed it.

“I never ditched you Gray. I was kidnapped” She said,bursting into tears again

“What!!” Gray and Noel exclaimed at same time

“Yes. After dressing up that day,I told the driver and my first lady that I and Julie want to purchase something nice from the store since we weren’t late yet. On the way,two men approached us with knives and took us away. I was so scared that I lost my voice”

Noel couldn’t believe this lady

If she didn’t know the truth,she would have believed it too.

“They took us from here all the way to Korea and turned us into slaves. They seized our phones and crushed it. I couldn’t even call my parents or anyone for them to save me. We suffered for a year and half there before someone rescued us and took care of my hideous features before bringing I and Julie back” Camille burst into tears again

Gray didn’t know whether to believe her or not

“Are you sure of what you’re saying?” He asked

“Yes Gray. I really suffered. Thank God that man saved us from there” Camille said

“What about your parents? They didn’t file a complaint instead they treated me like trash. They never said anything to me” Gray said

“They didn’t know. That morning,I had an argument with my parents and I threatened to run away to another country. Maybe they thought that was what happened so they didn’t bother” Camille lied

“That’s irresponsible. What if you had died?”

“But I’m alive Gray and I’m back for you my love” Camille wanted to hug him but he moved back

“For me? I don’t think so” Gray said,looking at Noel

“What are you talking about?” She asked,pretending to tear up

“I want to introduce a very special person to you. Her name is Noella Patterson and she is the woman I have deeply fallen in love with” Gray smiled

“What are you saying Gray? What about the love we shared?” Camille asked


“That is all in the past now. You weren’t around when I needed you the most. I almost committed sui¢ide because of you” Gray said,feeling pain once again

Why must she come back now that he has decided to move on with his life?. Why now that he has buried his feelings for her and loved someone else. He doesn’t feel anything for her anymore. All his heart yearns for now is Noel and no one else. Not even his first love.

He admits he loved Camille so much in the past but things has changed and no one will be able to replace Noel. Not even Camille. And she said she was kidnapped? Gray watched her intently. She doesn’t look like someone who was kidnapped. He would have to find out how true that story of hers is.

“But it wasn’t my fault Gray. I was taken against my will. Do you think I would ditch you on purpose?”

“I don’t really know. I don’t even know if you’re saying the truth or not” Gray said

“Of course I’m saying the truth. I still love you and I know you do too”

“Camille please leave. We will talk about this some other time. You just ruined our date” Gray said as the pains h it him again

Noel patted his hand quietly, trying to calm him down.

“Why are you doing this? Have you forgotten the love we shared so quickly. You loved me so much remember?”

“Camille I said we’ll talk about this some other time please” Gray was getting annoyed


She didn’t finish her words as he walked out. Noel wanted to follow him but Camille stopped her

“Who are you?” Camille asked,glaring at Noel

“His present” Noel smiled and was about living but Camille dragged her back

“What are you talking about?”

“If you don’t get me,you can go check your dictionary or ask Google” Noel freed herself and walked out

“How dare she?” Camille said glaring at Noel’s back

“What do we do now ma?” Julie who had been quiet all along asked

“My plans are best known to me” Camille chuckled and glared at Maureen before leaving

Maureen sighed sadly. She knows who that she devil is. Camille! She had come to the restaurant and caused unnecessary troûble before. Anyways,Noel would gist her later though.




Gray was moody and he didn’t want to drive in a bad mood so he sat down in the backseat. Noel opened the door and sat beside him before closing the door and locking it.

She looked at him and sighed before hugging him tightly.

“I’m sorry things had to turn out this way” He said

“It’s nothing. She is your past so forget about it. I am aware her presence has opened up closed wounds but you don’t have to work yourself out because of that” Noel said

“This isn’t how I planned our dinner Noel. She had to come out of nowhere and ruin it”

“It’s okay Gray. Besides I’m not complaining about it so don’t worry. Cheer up darling,I don’t like the mood you’re carrying” She pouted


“Can you call me darling again?” He smiled a little

“Darling” She bit her lower lip and he drew her face closer to his

“Noel,do you love me?” He asked staring into her eyes

“Yes. I love you so much Gray” She replied

“Are you gonna ditch me on our wedding day?” He asked and she laughed

“Never” She smiled

He brought his face closer to hers. Warmth blossomed in Noel’s chest,Sparks igniting as Gray leaned in close,lips brushing together,tentatively,for the first time. The smell of her perfume and the soft peachy scent of her conditioner was dizzying and it was driving Gray crazy as he wanted more. The sensation he got from kssing her was unmeasurable.

Noel could feel butterflies dancing in her stomach as she leaned into the kss,Gray’s lips impossibly soft against her own.

After what seemed like forever,they pulled out to catch their breaths

“I love you” Gray said, breathing heavily

“I love you more” Noel replied and they stayed in each other’s arms feeling their racing hearts.

Gray had to call his chauffeur to drive them home. They dropped Noel before heading to Gray’s house. On the drive,Gray flashback to his kss with her,he licked his lips and smiled.



Noel entered inside and saw Scarlet who ran to meet her immediately.

“How was it?” Scarlet asked

“It was going well until Camille showed up” Noel said,removed her shoes then sat down

“Camille came back?” Scarlet said,obviously surprised

“Yeah. She came back but Gray put her in her place. We spent the remaining hours of our date in his car” Noel said and then she remembered the kiss and blushed

“You’re blushing. Tell me what happened in the car” Scarlet said

“Well,he said he loves me and then…” Noel trailed off

“Come on tell me. The suspense is klling me” Scarlet said

“He kssed me”

“OMG that was so romantic” Scarlet shrieked happily

“Yeah. Best night ever!” Noel said

“What about Camille?”

“I’ll deal with her later. Allow me to savour the moment” Noel licked her lips and smiled

“Congratulations dear”

“Thanks. I can’t wait to hear yours and Austin” Noel said,taking off her dress

“Stop it” Scarlet blushed

“Don’t give me that attitude. You love him but you’re too obstinate to admit it” Noel said

“No I don’t” Scarlet looked away

“You’re blushing. Yeah you love him. I can’t wait to tell him” Noel said and Scarlet poked her forehead

“Don’t try that. I don’t wanna rush things”

“Okay then. But be fast about it because this mouth of mine won’t remain sealed forever” Noel finally undressed and entered the bathroom

Scarlet sat down. She knew she had fallen in love with Austin and she was aware he felt same for her. She sighed. Hope there won’t be any heartbreak this time around?

Her thoughts drifted off to Camille. She wondered why Camille came back. If it’s because of Gray then things would be complicated and Noel’s life would be in danger. Camille is very vicious especially when she wants something.


She ruffled her hair

“I have to see her” Scarlet muttered



Gray stepped out of his car when they got home and headed in. He opened the door and the first person he saw was his mum.

“Mum!” He said in surprise

“Come in and tell me how the date went” Mrs Jasmine dragged Gray to the sitting room where Lia and Miguel were already sitted.

“It went both good and bad” Gray said

“How? Didn’t she say yes?” Mrs Jasmine countenance changed immediately

“Camille interrupted our dinner” Gray said and they all gasped

“No way!” Miguel snapped. He had hated Camille from the onset. He wasn’t this big then but he knew Camille was evil but couldn’t say anything because he didn’t want to hurt Gray’s feelings.

“Camille is back? How? Why?” Mrs Jasmine asked

“According to her,she was kidnapped and suffered for one and a half years before someone helped her. Now she’s back for me” Gray said nonchalantly

“That’s a lie and won’t happen while I’m still alive. That witch is never gonna set her feet in my house” Mrs Jasmine said

“Mum calm down. You should know me by now. I can’t accept her back,not after passing through that emotional turmoil. Noel is the one I love and I’ve told her already” Gray smiled

“Really? Did she reciprocate it?” Mrs Jasmine asked

“Yes mum. She did” Gray said happily

“Yay!” Mrs Jasmine screamed “That’s exactly what I want. A rare gem like Noel shouldn’t be allowed to slip away. Thank God my son is the one who finally got her” Mrs Jasmine danced

“Congratulations” Miguel and Lia said at same time

“Thanks” Gray said then suddenly his phone rang

It was Austin calling


Gray said

📞Are you back from the date?

📞Yes I am

📞Tell me how it went now. I need to know

Gray laughed

📞It went well. Although there was a little disturbance but it’s been handled for the mean time. So,the dinner was a success

📞Wow Congratulations bro


📞And be sure to tell me all about the disturbance tomorrow


📞Okay. This is so amazing. I can’t wait to tease Noel at work tomorrow

Austin said and hung up

Gray dropped his phone and smiled. He turned and saw his mother giving him an awkward look

“Um…mum,why are you looking at me like that?” Gray asked

“Well,I was thinking of something” Mrs Jasmine replied

“Thinking of what?” Gray asked suspiciously

“Well…since you and Noel are a thing now,when am I going to see my grandchildren?”

“Mum! So soon!”


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