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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 36

“What condition and please who are you?”

“Camille Evans”

“Camille? You mean Gray’s ex fiancee?” Teresa said

“I am not his ex fiancee. We are still together” Camille said

“Really? But he professed love to Noel” Teresa said

“Yeah and that’s the reason for my presence here”

“Oh okay”

“I’ll bail you out on the condition that you feed me on some information you know at the office. You will also help carry out most of my plans against Noella”Camille said

“I will do anything to leave here and get my revenge on Noel”

“So we have a deal?”

“Yes Camille. We do” Teresa said and they shook hands

“Get over here” Camille gestured to the officer standing beside them

“Yes ma’am” He came forward

“I want to bail her out so she’s following me to the reception” Camille stood up

“Okay” He nodded and led them there

Camille got there and spoke with the officers. She gave them some money and they wrote Teresa’s name down before releasing her.

“You can go home and freshen up. Meet me at Rino’s bar tomorrow by 5pm” Camille said

“Okay. Thank you so much for bailing me out” Teresa smiled

“You’re welcome. I’ll be on my way now” Camille entered her car and drove off.

“She couldn’t even give me a ride home” Teresa muttered before trekking down to the main road.

She stopped a cab and entered before he drove off.




The cab pulled over and Teresa stepped out and told him to wait while she go get money.

She knocked and Silvia opened the door

“Teresa” She gasped in shock

“Do you have any money there? I need to settle the taxi driver” Teresa said

“Yeah” Silvia rushed in and came back with money

Teresa collected it and gave it to the man

He smiled and drove out

“Come in” Silvia dragged her in

“I need to take a bath. I’ll tell you how I got out after that” Teresa said

“Okay. Take your time. Let me go and prepare something for you to eat. You must be famished and exhausted”

“Yeah” Teresa slid out of her dirty clothes and tied a towel around her chest. She entered the bathroom and took a clean and nice bath. She came out and wiped her body with a towel,applied some lotion then put on her pyjamas.

Silvia gave her food and she ate

“So tell me how it happened” Silvia said, after she had rested

“Camille bailed me out” Teresa said

“Gray’s ex?”


“She’s back? This spells troûble” Silvia said

“It does. She bailed me out on the condition that I help her carry out her plan of dealing with Noel”

“Wow. I think she has an ulterior motive behind all these”

“Same here. I want Gray and she wants Gray as well so I’m working for her so I can favour myself. I only agreed because she was my ticket to get out of there” Teresa said

“Are you sure all these won’t backfire? When ladies become desperate,they turn to d’vils. Are you sure about this?” Silvia was worried


“Silvia,why are you talking like this huh? I’m going to be careful. Camille can’t hurt me” Teresa said

“I hope she doesn’t”




Mrs Linda sat in the living room with Snow

“Mum, I said I’m fine. You can’t keep pampering me like this” Snow said trying to stand up from her mum’s laps

“I’m still worried sugar. Your body is still heating up” She said

“No it’s not. I’m fine” Snow said


“Mum calm down. I’m fine now. So can I go to school tomorrow?”

“Let me think about that… No!”

“Mum! The school dance is this Saturday. It’s only four days from now and I don’t have a date yet” Snow pouted

“Your health is more important sugar” Mrs Linda said

“Mum! Please” Snow whined

Suddenly,the door bell rang

“Are you expecting someone?” Snow asked

“No. Go and check”

Snow stood up and strode over to the door. She turned the door knob and opened it. Her eyes widened at who she saw.

“Miguel!” She closed the door abruptly and breathe in nervously

“Who is that?” Her mother asked

“My friend at school” She replied

“Let the person in” Her mum said

She breathe in and out before opening the door

“Seriously,you had to slam the door at my face? Is that how they welcome people where you come from?” Miguel asked

“No. I was surprised” Snow answered

“To see me at your house?”

“Yeah. Please come in” She gave him way and he entered

They walked to the living room and Mrs Linda gasped

“Miguel’s your friend?” She asked

“Yes mum”

“Good evening ma” Miguel greeted

“Evening handsome. How are you doing?” She asked

“I’m fine ma” He smiled

“Even his smile is cute”

“Mum!” Snow called

“What! It’s the truth” She said “Please sit down”

Miguel smiled and sat down

“What do we offer you?” Snow asked

“Nothing. I’m cool” Miguel replied

“You can’t come to my house and take nothing. Snow go get him something” Mrs Linda said

“Water would be fine” Miguel smiled

“Okay. If you insist” Mrs Linda said

Snow left for the kitchen

“So how is your father?” She asked Miguel

“He is fine ma”

“How come you know my daughter?”

“I knew her through Quinn and we became friends from there” Miguel replied

“Okay so why are you here?”

“I heard she was sick so I came to check on her” Miguel said

“So you care about her?”

“Yes ma”

Mrs Linda smirked

Snow came back with a glass of water and gave it to Miguel. He stared at her and smiled before taking it. She smiled back and sat beside him.

Mrs Linda didn’t fail to see all these

“Let me excuse you guys” She said and stood up

She winked at Snow before leaving

“Your mum is super nice” Miguel said

“Yeah. She took after Quinn” Snow said and they laughed

“I heard you weren’t feeling well,how are you now?” He asked

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“I’m fine now. Thanks for checking on me. That’s so sweet” She said

“You’re easily pleased” Miguel said


“Nope. Just joking” Miguel said

“Hey that’s not fair” Snow pouted and he laughed

“Let me be serious now,I was not joking”

“I won’t believe you again” She said

They heard someone laugh

Snow walked to the door and saw her mum

“Mum! I thought you said you were leaving. Why are you here?” Snow gasped “Were you spying on us?”

“Kinda” Mrs Linda laughed

Snow shook her head and went back to sit with Miguel

“I want to ask for a favor” Miguel said

“What is it?” Snow asked

“You know the school dance is this Saturday”


“I was um… wondering if you could um…be my date”

“You want me to be your date to the dance?” She asked to be sure

“Yeah. Will you?”

“You bet I will. I’ll be your date” Snow smiled

“Thank you. I’m so happy you said yes” Miguel said

“Really?” She bit her lower lip

“Yeah. Thanks again”

“It’s my pleasure” She smiled






Noel had gone to the cafeteria with Scarlet leaving only Austin and Gray in Gray’s office.

“Wait…Let me get this straight. Camille is back?” Austin asked

“Yes. I’m confused. I don’t know how to handle this situation” Gray said

“Do you still love her?” Austin asked

“No. I don’t love her anymore” Gray answered

“Then what’s confusing you?”

“My confusion is what she wants. Seeing her brings back the memories of the past and it hurts me”

“You have to get over those memories Gray. I know it’s not gonna be easy but you have to. Don’t give her a chance to get to you” Austin said

“I won’t but what if she was right about the suffering she went through?” Gray asked

“We will find a way of confirming that. All you need to think of now is how to strengthen the relationship between Noel and you” Austin said

“Okay. I’ll try. What about you and Scarlet?”

“Well,she has stopped h!tting me with books,drawing my ears and threatening me” Austin said

Gray laughed

“That means she is interested in you”

“I hope so. She is really strict and I can’t help but get scared of her sometimes” Austin said and Gray laughed again

“Take her on a date and do the needful”

“That sounds good. I pray she doesn’t spank me with a spoon when she hears what I have to say”

“I don’t think she will” Gray said and they laughed




“Noel,do you think I should accept Austin?” Scarlet asked

“Well babe,I don’t wanna choose for you or tell you how to go about your love life. I can only guide and counsel you. My advice to you is to follow your heart. If it beats for Austin,go for him. Austin is a very nice and jovial guy who Every lady would be willing to go out with but the choice is yours” Noel said

Scarlet sighed

“Do you love him?” Noel asked

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“Yes I love him and I don’t even know how it happened” Scarlet said

“Love is quite complicated but since you love him,I don’t see any reason why you should turn him down”

“But what if he breaks my heart, like the rest”

“I know Austin very well. He loves you alot. He might be a joker but he will never break your heart. I give you my word on that”

Scarlet smiled

“You’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for” Scarlet blew her a kiss

“You’re one in a million bae” Noel smiled

“Noel,how are you doing?” Raymond asked, sitting down beside her

“I’m fine Ray. You’re looking happier than usual today” Noel said

“Yes but I don’t know why”

Noel and Scarlet exchanged glances

“You don’t know why you’re happy?” Scarlet asked

“Yeah. Anyways I just came to check on you here since your husband won’t let anyone an inch near you” Raymond said

“My husband?” Noel arched a brow

“Mr Gray of course” Raymond replied and they laughed

“Who told you that?” Noel asked

“No one. It was just too obvious” Raymond said

Noel just shook her head and laughed

What a clown!





“Before you work for me, you must know that I am not tolerant. I detest when my orders are flaunted for unnecessary reasons. I hate when things don’t go the way I planned it and when I’m determined to get something, I never give up till I get it either by nook or by crook” Camille said

“I understand and I’m ready to work for you” Teresa said

“Most importantly, I don’t condole betrayal. Betray me and I’ll ki!l you”

“I’ll never think of betraying you Camille. I’ll be loyal to you” Teresa said

“Good. Now let me tell you how I want the job done”

They talked for few minutes before Teresa left.

“Ma, are you sure she is up to the task?” Julie asked

“Yeah. She is desperate and will do anything to get what she wants” Camille answered

“You do know she wants Gray right?” Julie asked again

“I’m not stúpid Julie. I know she wants Gray but I’m gonna use her to get him. She is nothing but a tool in my hands” Camille said

“But what if after all this, she rebels?”

“She won’t dare. The girl is so foolish. I only released her so as to use her get what I want. After I’m done with her….” Camille trailed off and smirked

Julie gulped

“What will you do after you’re done with her?”

“Simple. I’ll ki!l her”


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