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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 37

Julie gasped

“Why the shock? It’s not like it’s my first time” Camille said and Julie sighed.

Camille stood up and catwalked out of the bar while Julie tagged along. She headed for her parents house.




Mr Evans sat on the couch listening to the evening news when the door to the living room burst open revealing Camille and Julie.

“Good evening dad” She greeted, wearing a weird expression on her face.

“Evening. You seem to have forgotten how to knock dear daughter”.

“Dad please”, She waves her hand “I’m not cut out for this right now”.

Mrs Evans came out of the kitchen, cleaning her hand with a towel.

“Camile, what are you doing here?” She asked

“Seems you aren’t happy to see me” Camille said.

“Calm down. Just talk to us.”

Camile sighed.

“Mum, Dad, Gray doesn’t love me anymore.” Camille said.

“You can’t blame him darling. 2 fking years without you in his life is enough reason for his feelings to fade.” Mr Evans said

“Which means that he doesn’t love me truly. After everything I told him, he still chose that destitute over me.”

“Calm down dear. You can’t blame Gray, just like your father said, he got over you because you never came back to him. If you had returned a year ago, things would have been a bit different” Mrs Evans said

“It’s not fair and I’m not gonna take it. Noella will pay for taking my man. I will make sure she regret ever coming into his life”

“Don’t try anything rash Camille. You know we aren’t popular like we were before. Mr Gerald isn’t my business associate anymore and any thing you do would easily be used against you. You have to tread with caution” Her father said

“Dad, I’m throwing caution to the wind. Do you expect me to sit, fold my hands and allow another woman take my man? Even if you hate me so much, can’t you at least support me on this?” She spat out in anger

“Camille you are_”

“No mum” She interrupted “Not now. Listen, I won’t rest till I get what I want. I don’t mind spilling some bIood to achieve that too. Stay away till my mission is accomplished” She said and walked out of the house with Julie.

“What are we going to do about this daughter of ours?” Mrs Suzie asked.

“I don’t know but I’ll keep talking to her and if she doesn’t listen, I won’t take responsibility when trouble ensues” Mr Evans said.

Mrs Suzie sighed and sat down.




“Are you sure this lady isn’t using you?” Silvia asked

“Using me? No she can’t. She won’t” Teresa said, immediately.

“Don’t you think you two are going overboard with all these? Klling Noel won’t help matters at all” Silvia said.

“Silvia, why are you saying this? You want to see Noel suffer as much as we do. Or, have you suddenly change your mind?”.

“I guess so. I don’t see the usefulness or importance of troubling Noel and trying to get Gray when, he has already revealed that he loves Noel.”

“You sound somewhat foolish Silvia.” Teresa said and turned to face the other side





Mr and Mrs Patterson had already prepared the new place given to them and so far, business has been booming. They made more profits each passing day. Now they had about five sales personnel working for them as the restaurant is always jam-packed with people from the ups and downs of life.

Noel entered the restaurant with Scarlet and they made way for the counter where Mrs Evie stood.

“Good evening mum” Noel greeted.

“Good evening Mrs Pat” Scarlet smiled.

“Hey my Angels. How are you two doing?” She asked.

“We’re fine. Just came to check on you to see how you’re doing” Scarlet said.

“That’s so nice of you. As you can see, I’m doing fine and dad who is now the CEO of the restaurant is doing fine as well” Mrs Evie winked and they laughed.

“Mum, I finally did it” Noel said.

“What did you do?” Mrs Evie asked

Noel and Scarlet grabbed two seats at the counter and sat down, facing her.

“I accomplished my mission. I and Gray are finally dating” Noel said.

“What! Are you being serious right now?” Mrs Evie was excited.

“Yes mum. He is taking me to see his parents next month” Noel smiled.

“Really? That’s good news. Congratulations My Queen” Her mum blew her a kss.

“Thanks mum” Noel smiled.

“Scarlet dear, I heard your parents have moved here” Mrs Evie said.

“Yeah” Scarlet replied.

“Have you gone to see them yet?” Mrs Evie asked.

“Not yet but I planned with Noel to visit them tomorrow” Scarlet said.

“That’d be great. I wish you ladies all the best in whatever you do” She smiled

“Thank you mum” Noel said.

Mrs Evie’s phone rang and she stepped aside to answer the call.

“Hey Noel” Scarlet whispered.

“Yeah babe?”.

“Look at that guy over there, the one beside that lady wearing yellow”

“Yes Scarlet, I see him” Noel said

“He has been staring at you since we got here” Scarlet said.

“Don’t be silly. How are you so sure?” Noel laughed.

“I’m dmn sure babe” Scarlet said.

Noel turned to look at him and their gazes met. He turned his face away immediately.

“I guess you’re right. But, why is he looking at me?” Noel asked.

“Maybe he likes you” Scarlet laughed.

“Sorry to burst his bubble but this gal is taken” Noel glared at him and faced Scarlet. Mrs Evie was already back by then.

“Mum, I wanna eat a sausage roll” Noel said, making a cute face at her.

“Sure. Serve yourself and bring some for Scarlet too” Mrs Evie said.

“Okay” Noel stood up and went to the glass where the sausage rolls were neatly placed.

“How about I help you with that?”

Noel turned and saw Gray.

“What are you doing here?” Noel asked, surprised.

“I wanted to make sure my darling wife got to her destination safe and sound” He tapped her nose with his pinky finger.

“So you were stalking me?” She wrapped her hands around his neck.

“No I was protecting you” He answered.

She laughed and he pecked her forehead

“Come see my mum. She will be psyched to see you” Noel dragged him to the counter.


“Where are the sausage rolls?” Scarlet, who had been craving for some asked.

“Oh I forgot but I brought someone better” Noel said holding Gray’s hand.

“Mr Gray, what a pleasant surprise” Mrs Evie shook his hand.

“Good evening Mrs Evie” He smiled at her.

“How was your day?” She asked, returning the smile.

“My day was great because I had to spend it with a lovely lady” He looked at Noel.

“I see” Mrs Evie smirked.

“So, you refused to give me a sausage roll simply because you saw your husband” Scarlet snapped.

“Yes sweetie. Besides, my husband is more important than a sausage roll” Noel said.

They laughed.

Scarlet stood up and served herself while Gray talked with Noel’s parents.

“What do you think my dad is saying?” Noel asked when she saw her father arching his brows.

“I’m not a magician Noel. You don’t expect me to know when I’m here with you” Scarlet said, munching on her sausage roll.

“Won’t you you even give me a bite out of that?” Noel asked, licking her lips.

“No I won’t. Go get one for yourself. I’m sure Gray isn’t there to distract you this time around” Scarlet laughed.

Noel pouted and sat down.





“You mean Miguel asked you to be his date?” Quinn asked

“Yeah he did. My wish is finally coming true. I’m sure Damien has asked you” Snow said

“Not yet” Quinn replied

“Don’t worry. I know he will. He will probably ask you in the most r©mantic way ever” Snow said

“I hope so. You’re resuming tomorrow right?” Quinn asked.


“That’s a relief because I’ve been waiting for you to resume. I spent these last two days with Sapphire” Quinn said.

“Sapphire? How did that happen?”.

“She apologized for all she did and asked me to be her friend”

“Are you sure she isn’t up to something? I don’t trust her” Snow said

“Neither do I but I think she has really changed. Hayley and Maya are not causing troûble too. But, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna let my guard down” Quinn said

“I know you won’t. I have a magazine filled with dresses. Let’s pick matching outfits” Snow said.

“Good idea” Quinn smiled





“So what do you say?” Mr Liam asked.

“Liam, I am not having a good feeling about all these. I know I and Gray have never seen eye to eye but I can’t stoop so low to ki!ling him” Harry said.

“What if he ki!ls you?” Liam asked

“What do you mean?”

“Since you’re back from prison, Gray is gonna see you as a threat to his relationship with Noel and he might ki!l you” Liam said.

“If there is one thing I know about Gray, it is that he is not irresponsible. He can’t ki!l me. Have you forgotten that we were friends once?” Harry asked.

“Yes I do but_”

“Mr Liam,” Harry cut in “I think we are done here. I don’t know what ever grudge you are holding against Gray but let me warn you, don’t ever think of using me to achieve your selfish aims. Go settle your scores with him and leave me alone”

“Harry listen_”

“Get out of my office” Harry half yelled at him.

Mr Liam stood up and walked out.


Harry sighed deeply.

“I’m not gonna make the same mistake twice” He muttered.




Gray was attending to some files in the office. Noel had gone out to collect some documents from Austin.

Raymond entered

“Sir, Camille is here to see you”

Gray sighed. What does she want now?

“Let her in” Gray said

“Okay sir” Raymond smiled and stepped out before Camille came in.

She walked majestically to the chair infront of him and sat down.

“Good afternoon Mr Gray” She smiled.

“Good afternoon Camille. How may I help you?” He asked casually.

“Wow! It’s so easy how feelings change. So you don’t love me anymore” She said, tearing up “After all I went through Gray. I was always thinking about you. I thought I would still come back to meet you the same but I was wrong”

“Camille please don’t start” Gray said

“It’s fine. I won’t judge you. It was all my fault for deciding to buy something on my wedding day” She burst into tears.

“Please don’t cry. Things aren’t the same anymore” Gray said

“Do you still love me?” She asked.

Gray was quiet for a while.

“Your silence says it all. You don’t love me anymore. You love Noel right?”


“Okay. I have accepted my fate. I won’t go against your love for her. I’m hurt but I will still support you Gray. If you love her so much,go for her. You have my support and blessing” Camille smiled.

“Really?” Gray was surprised.

“Yes Gray. I want us to be friends from now on. Will you accept me as a friend?” She asked stretching forth her hand.

Gray stared at her hand and reluctantly took it.

“Yes. As a friend” He said


Just then, the door opened and Noel entered. She looked at Camille then back at Gray.

“What’s going on here?” She asked, looking at Camille again.

Gray was about to talk but Camille stopped him.

“Don’t worry Gray, I will tell her myself.”

Camille smiled and stood up. She took steady strides to where Noel stood and hugged her with a dangerous smirk on her face.

“Watch and see how I will make your world come crumbling down. You want Gray right? You can have him but for a limited time. I won’t stop till I get him and if you, by any chance, try to stop me, I will make your family suffer my wrath” She whispered into Noel’s ears before breaking the hug.

She held Noel’s hand and smiled at Gray.

“Noel, I’m leaving Gray for you. You deserve him” She said, much to Noel’s surprise.

Didn’t she just threaten her? How come she is acting like nothing happened all of a sudden.

Noel was speechless as she stood there with a quizzical expression on her face.


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