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Migos – Migos Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #111 Lyrics


[Verse 1: Offset]

The bag is right there, go get it

Them baguettes right there, two-fifty

Hundred thousand, five hundred, the midget

I was racking my gun in the kitchen

On the low we fuckin’ your bitches

Wipe his nose but no, not a tissue

Bullet hole, the switch got a .50

Wrist is cold you’d think it was Christmas

Nigga know that it’s up

Fuckin’ that bitch in the back of the Maybach

I told her to put the seat up

I’m not gon’ go to the internet

I’m ’bout that action, it’s time to meet up

Broke niggas know we not into that go get some bigger racks

Time to eat up

Call my young nigga he spinnin’ that

He want some stripes with the gang, Adidas

[Verse 2: Takeoff]

My bad, I forgot to mention

Through the pandemic, we was still runnin’ up chicken

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Whippin’ that shit in the kitchen

You make a mention, a ticket’ll make you go missing

Don’t do the sneak dissin’

I’m startin’ to think niggas wear panties

You niggas some bitches

While you niggas run out of money

My niggas gon’ get it ’cause everyday government print it

How you gon’ get it? Just send me the addy my niggas will ship it

A million, twenty’s and fifty’s and hundreds sittin’ on the floor, look how I swim in it

Don’t wanna get popped, don’t open your top

You better move militant

They talkin’ about Covid, when I heard the news, I started sippin’ the remedy

If I gotta an opp and you say you my brother, then they better be your enemy

I’m takin’ them back to the bando way back when the nigga was breaking and enterin’

Stay with the tree like a timberland

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Lady Gaga and that Kimberly

Capital J, don’t be snitching

These niggas be snitching they actin’ real

[Verse 3: Quavo]

It’s time to move righteous, I’m movin’ precisely

I looked at my schedule, no time for no wifey

Hit it like crap of the seal of three dicey

Hit double tappin’, you niggas gon’ like it

It’s just lil a post, you niggas ain’t pipin’

Fittin’ in the strap in the Cinnabon bite

Baguettes in the cross I done iced out Christ

I put it on God, I put it on life

Three wheels pullin’ out the parking lot, bitch

And I’m looking like am riding on a goddam tricycle

Nigga ain’t nothing to get popped, it’s simple

Bitch, I’m settin’ up shop in the middle

I’m having credentials

You a dud, I had to go shrimp ’em

Breakin’ buds, I had to go trim ’em

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I ain’t wanna kill ’em so I dipped ’em, uh

Mama, she said “Just lay in the bed if niggas ain’t got no pots to piss in”

Back in the day, I was having the Ac’

Young niggas killing their kidneys off Driz

Straight out the mud, then show ’em the wrist

My diamonds hit, these bitches flinch

I put this shit on now I drip and I drench

Finessing the bag like the Grinch

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