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Montenegro National Anthem English Translation


Oj svijetla majska zoro,

Majko nasa Crna Goro,

Sinovi smo tvog stijenja

I cuvari tvog postenja.

Volimo vas, brda tvrda,

I stravicne vase klance

Koji nikad ne poznase

Sramotnoga ropstva lance.

Dok lovcenskoj nasoj misli

Nasa sloga daje krila,

Bice gorda, bice slavna

Domovina nasa mila.

Rijeka ce nasih vala,

Uskacuci u dva mora,

Glas nositi okeanu,

Da je vjecna Crna Gora.

English Translation

O the bright dawn of May

Montenegro our mother

We are sons of your aspires

And your honours we are keepers.

We love the hard mountains

and their eerie gorges deep

that had never to endure

the shameful chains of slavery.

While to the ideals of Lovæen

our concordance shall grant the wings,

it shall brought the pride and glory

to our beloved homeland.

The river of our waves,

that enter the two seas,

shall to ocean guide the voice

Montenegro is eternal.

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