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Mr. Easylife – Here I Am Lyrics


You create me , for a purpose.
You made me for a reason x2
While I am here to day
While I live today
While I breathe to day

Is for a reason x2

O lord here I am ,
Here I am today
Send me lord
Here I am o, lord
Ooo send me,
I give my life to You ,use me lord ,
Am Your sacrifice
Accept me God,,

Everything that I have
Belongs to You,

My soul, my life
Belongs to You
I give my life ,to You along ,
There is no me without You x2
There’s nothing without You x2

Repeat ,, chorus
Here I am,,
Yahweh x4
Let thy fire fall on me x2

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Let thy power fall me x2,

Ooo, oooo, ooo

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