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NLE Choppa – Homo Flow Lyrics

I am a menace

Smackin’ on his balls like in Tennis

Suckin’ his dick ‘Till he finish

Not lettin’ his semen replenish

Balls in my throat

Splooge in my mouth is my image

I’m not a joke

Got my homie’s ass in my scope

Extend his dick down in my throat

These faggots know

I’m wearing his ass like a cloak

Now I’m his number one ho

These men I be bangin’, Penis be slangin’

Mega Dick is the one I be claimin’

He f*ck like a beast, you cannot tamе ’em

We don’t use condoms, this shit ‘gon gеt dangerous!

He nut in my face now his penis is floppin’

I lick up the nut while I’m runnin’ his wallet

I call him the driller, his dick like a rocket

I keep my lips spread while his balls is droppin’

My ass i CLOGGED

Shaft deep, down, down to his balls

I’m runnin’ through men like he shufflin’ cards

G spot Jumpin’

Tearing my walls

Quinching my thirst with the sweat off his balls

Whole lotta’ f*ckin’

BITCH come strech me

Asshole got niggas kickin’ like Jet Li

Mouth is a bowl, and your nut is the recipe

Finish in my mouth then splooge on the rest of me

Whole lotta’ niggas, whole lotta’ faggets

See a buldge in your pants

And you know I gotta’ grab it

All grey sweats, dickprint gotta’ have it

Bend that ass over lose the draws so I can stab it


{Verse 2}

I like dick, big as shit

f*ck my guts, f*ck a clit

Make you cum, with my tongue

Then inject me in my bum

He stay hard like a rock

Suck his dick right through his socks

Oh my gawd, he won’t stop

I think the neighbors called the cops (snitch)

Big ass cock, nice ass shit

I’ma let this nigga hit

Too legit with the stick

Beats my guts ’til I submit

Big ‘ol nut, in my butt

I think I need another one

And now he done and on the run

To see his wife and his son

Bitch I’m a menace

He got a ass? Then I’m in it

He diesal? Then I want the RidDICK

He say he with it

Give him a handy with spit

And he cum on my nails like acrylic

Now he all cockeyed he nicknamed me Popeye

Cuz I eat that ass, as if it was some Spinach

Riding his broom like I’m Harry Potter

Playin’ with balls, this a game of Quidditch

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