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NLE Choppa – Paradise Lyrics


Pipe that shit up, TnT

Woah, woah

I’m in the studio

Dmac on the fucking track

My motherfuckin’ jewelry on, you know what the fuck goin’ on, yeah

Ayy, but we gon’ speak that real shit though

See, they don’t wanna talk ’bout shit, they don’t wanna hear about it

NLE Top Shotta got the bombs like Al-Qaeda

Don dada, rasta, rasta

Ayy, ayy, ayy

[Verse 1]

Paradise, cold nights, it’s alright

More life, no rights, no cryin’

Both eyes, seeing lights, I’m like “Oh my”

Stir fry, bow tie, with some white guys

Compromisin’ with my life as you ridin’ or dyin’

It’s hard to find who the vine is, leave you cryin’

It’s Ramadan every day like I’m Muslim

Change my ways, ’cause they rather see a hoodlum

I got a garden now, this the garden of love

I got a daughtеr now (Daughter now) and she hustle sincе she was born

I can’t let that shit get to me ’cause I know she comin’ home

False cases, allegations, but the war already won

Came in and said everybody move like this (Everybody move like this)

Flick of the wrist, watch the Cartier glist (I watch my Cartier glist)

Hoes talkin’ down, but they know that you the shit (Yeah, they know I’m the shit)

Tell ’em suck your dick

Your soul rich and you leave

I need everybody pick they head up

Put your phone down, ’cause that shit is negative

Reality ain’t what we see

Reality is what we think

Manifesting in my dreams, I’m reachin’ out to bigger things (Ayy, ayy, ayy)

I wanna Rolls-Royce driving panoramic

[?] when I’m in the traffic

Forget that, I don’t wanna wreck it

Worked too hard for this blessing

I’ma talk as if I already got the whip, that’s how I manifest it

Know it’s destiny

If it cross my mind then I can go and get it

And I got faith, I ain’t no believer (No believer)

Hunt for prey like I was a cheetah

We woke the top zebra

Fuck the stripes, Adidas

Used to pour a eight up in my liter

Every time we read up, relapsing after every cup

Government want us stuck

Drugged up, ayy, put that cup up

They like “Chop, he woke up”

Give him a work so he can lose what he don’t work for

This shit that I stand for and stand ’bout I’d go in the dirt for

That’s why I stand out, I never shut up until they put me up

Why the fuck would I start lyin’ ‘fore I do the research? Nigga,look it up

Caught my bluff, my hoodie up in the Bentley truck, livin’ glorious, victorious

Bigger than life like pop got thug love

We might be cut from the same tree ’cause I speak the shit they scared of


Scared to talk about

What’s to talk about?

They gon’ kill who?

Nigga, I’m the same nigga that walk ’em down

But I promote positivity now

No negative shit gon’ bring me down

Check me out, I ain’t chasing no clout

[Verse 2]

You sow what you reap, I’ve been reapin’ what I’ve been sowin’

When you fuck you get her DNA, so we ain’t horny

I told my momma I don’t know what’s goin’ on, I’m growin’

Maturity and prosperity, that’s all I been showin’

Ain’t wearin’ no mask, nigga, fuck the pilot

Fake-ass Coronavirus

Cops killin’, startin’ riots

Perception is what you decide

I’m grounded when the sunrise

Life is all a lie until you open your third eye

Change your vibrations, then you change your life (Change your life)

Speakin’ affirmations to the moon in the moonlight

Talk to my water ‘fore I drink it, ’cause I know it is alive

Meditation is key, it’s gon’ be alright

You said you lookin’ for some peace, you just gotta breathe right

Everything you need is within yourself, just realize

Kings and queens, that’s why we matter, black lives

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