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Noah Cyrus – My Side of the Bed Lyrics


My Side of the Bed Lyrics by Noah Cyrus

I spend all night
On my side of the bed
With my knees and my toes
Hanging over the edge
‘Cause I know you want space
It’s not what you said
But the way that you said
That you’re fine

When you rolled over in your sleep
I thought you were leaving me
I know it’s not you
I believe there’s something missing in me

We sink in the sofa
Under tv glow
You are watching the world end
But I just can’t follow
‘Cause I can’t stop thinking
‘Bout how you felt hollow
When I was holding you last night

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You shifted your weight in the seat
I thought you were leaving me
But I’m just too fragile to speak
There’s something broken in me

We all want the same thing
To love and be loved
It’s a hard pill to swallow
That you’re not enough
So I put on my coat
The world’s cold and it’s rough
And if you’re gonna make it
You gotta be tough
But I’m not

My heart’s paper thin
And the softest of words
Can send me spiraling
So I guess that my question
After all of this would be
Are you leaving me?
Are you leaving me?

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