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Nowadays Lyrics By Rilès


Blood on my lips I’m so hungry I’m ’bout to kill them all

Tears on your cheek, bitch you thirsty and I’m your waterfall

Street is the shit, you can’t escape so we had to got balls

Don’t even speak your language, still got more bars

Don’t need to sell your shit to prove who’s the boss

I’m fighting everyday you can see on my arms

Capoeira, pancrase, with no gun bitch you done

Grandpa’s a warrior, I got that on my bones

Today I may chill with you, tomorrow you done

Today I may be unknown, tomorrow I’m on

Now many motherfuckers starving to be known

You ain’t even spit a verse, I already won

“Nowadays niggas want to be at the top”

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“Nowadays rebeus want to get out the block”

“Nowadays white motherfuckers wanna rap”

And I’m sitting here ready to burn them up, hun


Now, who’s the realest?

Now, where’re the killers?

Now, who’s the baddest?

No, we ain’t modest

To this street credibility,you can’t find no democracy

But we use our abilities to get out of this misery

Bitch, you know my name

But you don’t know my mind, my history

I came in this game, I was well trained

My mom in hysteria

We are so scary that at first sight I beat the shit of you

Don’t even speak your language I’m before every move you do

Every move you do, every, every move you do

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Every move you do, every fucking move you do!

“Nowadays white motherfuckers at the top”

“Nowadays niggas want to get out the block”

“Nowadays all of my rebeus wanna rap”

And I’m sitting here ready to burn them up, hun


Ain’t nobody better than me, and if you find better than me

It’s just that it’s a second me, a second we? a second us

I told you we the killers, I told you we the realest

I told you we the best and I told you we’ll be better

Than you, maafaka

Now where’s your bitch blocka

If you kill me tomorrow, I’ll be you next phobia

I’ll be you next terror, unable to see color

Just living to feel the dolor, crying every night “Mamaaa!”


“Mama, mama, I just killed a mothafaka, faka!”

“Nowadays rebeus want to be at the top”

“Nowadays white motherfuckers at the block”

“Nowadays all of my niggas wanna rap”

And I’m sitting here ready to burn them up, hun!


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