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Nyime – In the Beginning LYRICS + MP3 DOWNLOAD

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Nyime – In the Beginning LYRICS 

In the beginning

It was you

In the beginning

You thought to

Create a vessel

That looked like you

Adamah mankind

Adamah mankind

Man was unfaithful

Turned his back on you

Corrupted core

In shame he hid from you





You chose a body

To save us through

How could we save ourselves

When we were made for you

Prophesy to the bones let them arise

Prophesy to the wind and the breath that gives life

We can’t look to nobody else

Not the government

Only you

It’s only you that we have, yeah

Only you

Nobody else for us

Only you

So I glorify

Only you

And I lift you high

Only you

You are Adonai

Only you




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