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OFB – Farm All Stars Lyrics


Intro: Bandokay]

(J-J-J-Jester made this)

Ay (DT5 on the beat)


[Verse 1: Bandokay & Dezzie]

Bro hit him, missed that, now he’s overshot (Scared, scared)

Got his older shot (Haha)

They know it ain’t safe when Ramz is about, if you got the .380 you’re getting overcooked

Lil’ man got caught, he got over chopped (Ching)

Bando go show, he got overbooked (Ai)

Bro got a problem for anyone staring, this G2x94 just all for looks

On fonem grave we don’t fear that man, yo

We just air them man

I heard he said my name, Lz, and Dezzie, LOL broski hear that man

Light skeet on the wheel, tryna scare that gang, but it’s doing up both on stair and back (She see why)

Shе told me, “Baby, pull her hair and bang”

My lightskin brazy can’t beliеve bare ass (Yo)

[Verse 2: Dezzie & Double Lz]

Come out of jail, didn’t get put on, tryna abuse that line then kept it moving

Cruising, no snoozing, ay, shorty said my life is amusing

New ding dong, let bumper drive (Woosh, woosh)

Thinking around that time you arrived (You know)

Wipe down tints, pop off corn

Lucky that your whole bus arrived

Yo, I’m with Junebug, real OFB nutter (You know, you know)

Slip, then get spread like butter

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Shouldn’t of known when I breached my cutter, uh uh

Really go down that gutter

Them boys wish they got more bands than me

Pat down huncho’s wap, where your thing can’t be

(Dunno, dunno, dunno, dunno)

Probably jail or fly back to OT (Ay ay)

[Verse 3: Double Lz & Izzpot]

Run, run when you hear that woof (Awoo)

Doof, doof, tryna hit mans hood

Leave that red when we ride in hoods

Girl arch up her back and then hold some wood

Take it, bruck it

Set it, she saying her pipe dick good (Ai)

I’m ’round them sides and I look like a crook

When there’s something in my hand, no wonder they’re shook (Krr, pow)

Make a bad man run if I push their darg, no point tryna run if you’re lost (Ha-ha-ha)

Waps ain’t catching my pagans, they keep up, course they’re trying when they know they can’t

Gang gang lurk with sticks in the car

I see what I saw in the ride, move calm

Lil’ Savv with the sam, tryna chop ’em in half

Bob with the slump, take your body apart (Ai)

[Verse 4: Izzpot]

If you ain’t crash yutes, stab yutes, slap yutes, ain’t no way you can call mans name on them tunes (How?)

I’m running man down with this fuck off shank, silly man trip, then we plugged in like Fumez (Ah-ah)

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Yeah his talk is hot, can he juice this pot, ’cause in the real life, bro we know that yute (Come on)

That’s wild animals in this farm block zoo, whole gang cannibals in the— (Mazza, mazza)

And, yeah I’m still on the block, masked on like I’m Future, they don’t wanna see man fly out the hoopty (They don’t, they don’t)

Slap two hands on the woosh and shank, if Lz jump out, let it beat like groupies (Ah, ah)

Leave ’em wet, soaking like jacuzzi, watch ’em curl up when I back this fuck off (Uh-uh)

Spin this ride how I spin this revolver, they were locked up way ‘fore we knew about corona

[Verse 5: Akz]

Back of the ride, I’m tryna get slappy, clappy, free up my bros, see clappy

Bando settings with Trap and Dappy, G17, mans freeing man gladly (Blaah)

Gliding days, my hair’s all nappy, they’re baby food, them man need nappies

Izzpot bugged, free bros, them savvy

Done stepped out, four black yutes in ballys

I beg man don’t try rassclat at me

Big baddy ting from Creole with a fatty

She loves gun man, sung sing some and clap ’em

I’m a real yardman sound rude and aggy

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I’m bussin’ my ting if you get too chatty (Blaah)

Based in Broadwater Farm, come catch me

Girl is my age, every girl want chat me

Steppin’ my ramz if you ain’t getting tappy

[Verse 6: DSavv]

I just jumped in the booth, full hyped and about, he made this drill beat sound brazy

I make girls scream “Yo” like Bando in the bando, where I’m tired and lazy

This ting from Ls, she’s mad if she know man slide with a rubber, that’s crazy (Mhm)

In the streets where I get shit poppin’, live-o-corn when I take it off safety

Where the fuck is PRBands, they lying, OFB scoring points like Neymar (Suh)

T trap, that’s double O7, burn man skin, that’s a well off aimer

We tap these waps, no keyboard, no keyboard ’cause we ain’t no gamer (Uh, oh-uh)

I could talk about drills all day, but that’s dead, that’s time, so okay, see you later

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