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Oh, be still, thou soul of mine Hymn


Be Still

Oh, be still, thou soul of mine,

Thou art not forsaken;

Though the pow’rs of sin may rage,

Thou shalt be unshaken.

He who gave His life for thee,

Thus permits that thou should be-

For thy good, as thou shalt see-

Tempted for a season.

Be courageous, firm, and true,

When life’s battle’s waging;

Oh, be still, my soul, and rest,

When the tempest’s raging.

He who doth our sorrows share,

In His love and tender care

Trials more than thou can bear

Will not let thee suffer.

Why should thou so fearful be,

At the tempter’s roaring?

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Simply trust in God alone,

Satan’s wrath ignoring.

See God’s tenderness, and prove

With the sainted hosts above,

His unfailing, wondrous love,

Ever for thee caring.

Yes, dear Lord, I will be still,

I will trust Thee ever;

I’ll submit to all Thy will,

Cling to Thee forever.

Lord, Thou knowest what is best,

Confident in this I’ll rest,

Till I dwell with all the blest,

And with Thee in heaven.

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