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Ohmama Lyrics By Rilès

Ohmamama, Ooohmamama…

Bitch, why you wanna love me?

10 months ago you were betting my defeat

Thinking I was too crazy for the shit that I’m in

Now you’re sendin’ me snaps of you and your tities

Talking to me like “Wassup, wassup, wassup Rilès!

I need an instrumental, can I record my text?”

They wanna be friends, personnal interest

But my hustle ain’t free, and my talent is less

Wanna be me, they don’t fuck with themselves

Wanna beat me, yeah I’ve tried but I failed

Trust me

“Whaat? He French, he rappin’ in English?

Who the fuck he is, what is this?”

And I say:

Ohmamama, Ooohmamama…

Haters, turning into friends

And friends turn into enemies

Problems come along with the fame

And It’s just the beginning

If you see me less

It’s ’cause that I’m doing more

I’m different I don’t need your labels

Move on, I don’t waste time anymore

No more..

Bitch niggas sayin’ “it’s luck”

I’m making it worth ’cause I’m putting in work

‘Fore I be the best, I was probably the worst

Gotta thank all of your wack rappers raising my thrist

Saying shit like “Listen, listen, listen I know”

But you know the least, why you’re talking the most?

Afraid of my dreams cuz you gave up on yours

So go talk to my advisor if it is for pesos


“Whaat? He rap, he produces and mix?

Who the fuck he is, what is this?”

And I say:

Ohmamama, Ooohmamama…

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