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Olamide feat 9ice – Legendary Hustler lyrics




Thanks for making me believe in myself

Verse 1 (Olamide):


Mo ti nje idi Malu

Eran kekere o ka mi mo

Ola mi ti de

Ibi rere lo ka mi mo

Ati kekere ni mo ti jara mi

Won le ja mi mo

Oju o ki nti ina ale

Won le buga mi mo

Igbagbo mi ti robo ju yoko suna lo

Awon tun ni shine mi ti wa o le ju suna lo

Jay-jay Okocha lomo

O gege ju Oruma lo

Won ni mo nbe ju oya

ti won fi shey logo Puma lo

Eni kekere to npe eni gigun ranse

Five star general, as u all ya check

Okanlawon, numero who know

Hustle spirit mi ti robo bi eni fe ja sumo

Am gonna be wonder boy test of all time

And never run off the way

even though am in the tough time

Even when i have no down

I dint’t give up

I stood the test of time


I am like the birds in the sky

Wey no get two hands

Na God dey feed me feed me

I am like a story book

For the ghetto kids

Wey wan touch the sky

Read me, Read me

I don make my mistake

But i no run away

So u can feel me feel me

I am a Lengendary Hustler

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Verse 2 (9ice):

I am your Legend in the making

Evergreen songs are within me

Mi o wo sultana mi o de gbe Bibeli

All i know am doing is for a reason

Jesus for the World

Respect for the poor..Oh oh…

I am here to do my best

I am here not to contest

Still here because am blessed

Learn from the past

Allow God to do the rest

Am gangstar I know

Am here LOrd I know

Idi mi le ma gba sokoto

Sugbon to ba je torin

E maa tuwo

E maa tuwo

(Repeat Chorus once)

Verse 3 (Reminisce):

I cry so many nights

Taught so many lies

Been in so many fights

Then i see people taking too many lives

Olorun o, saanu

Still ghetto dreaming

Yeah, I used to be bothers

Makes out of extortions

And my street gets way out of the proportion

Nigba yen mo nsale

Ire kabiti

Olorun e saanu

Awa la ni titi

Rule by the level

I pick up my pen

and i write more shits

till I aint not be a rebel

I don’t need to be told

God is supreme

Money in my wallet

Can’t get me a classic thing

Then, I guess we all need Jesus

Before our soul gets ceased

And torn into pieces

I am the prophecy

I am the truth

But hope in the mind of the troubled

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