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P Square – E Don Happen lyrics



E don happen (x2)

Nwebele ego

E don happen (x2)


Oh no! I came to party [wo]

Everybody just looking at me [wo]

Chicks just dey surround me

Dey wanna know the girl

Wey dey beside me [wo]

She’s like Senorita [wo]

Her body bouncing like Mamacita [wo]

Shake your body put it on me [wo]

Go tell your mama this is for real


She say she want it [Aha]

I know she likes it [Aha]

Some people say

She no dey like to move her waist

She no be ashi

So let’s get naughty

Mr DJ, hit the music

See some people want to party

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Oh no! Yes Oh!

Come on honey shake your body

Ijikwa ego! Owo!

Come on honey shake your body

Oh no! Yes Oh!

Come on honey shake your body

Ijikwa ego! Owo!

Come on honey shake your body



See, see, some people

Dey for party [party]

Throw your hands and move your body [body]

We no dey like the people wey dey feel

To all my fellas wey dey VIP

Everybody, throw your hands up

Clap your hands

No ever talk anything you no see

To all my fellas wey dey VIP



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See I no dey like anything wey no dey like show

See some chics their hips and lips dey glow

Step on your toe girl

To the dance floor

Then make you slow girl

Make my mind blow

Girl I got code baby ain’t got dough

But after the show Zamuje ga do

But after the show for sure we go roll

See me and my homies

Cause you know we catch cold

There she goes again

Ijikwa Ego? Hoh!

She makes my body like wo! No!

You be de one wey dey feel like gold [like gold]

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The only one wey go be my own [my own]

What’s your name girl [Rose]

Surname [Ego]

Oh no! I’ve been in this game

REPEAT CHORUS [till fade]

E don happen (2x)

Come on honey shake your body

Nwobele ego

O me la [till fade]

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