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P Square – Who Dey Here lyrics



(Before they see us, they go tey)

x3. As the beat go.

[Chorus 1]

Who dey here hey (x5). Hey! Na

you dey here hey. Why you

dey here hey? You still dey here

hey! You go tey here hey!

[Verse 1]

We back again (echo). We did it

again (echo). We make

it rain. Haters go insane. You

want it too. I’m gonna give

it to you. With the things that

we do. See, the way they do

the things dey do.

[Chorus 2]

Breaking them and breaking your

heart in two. Now they

can see all eyes on you. (Tell

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me wetin I man go do hey! Here

us, here us, hey!) x3. Cos we dey

do, do, do, do, do. Hey!

Hey! Oh-oh-oh, Oh-oh-oh. We

sabi do, do, do, do, do. Tell

me wetin I man, nothing I man go


[Repeat chorus 1]

[Verse 2]

We keep it coming (echo). Aint

no stopping us. Hits keep

dropping. The way we keep it poppin.

bad bele people everywhere.

Una go see us everywhere. Climbing

up and no fear. When

they do the things they do.

[Repeat chorus 2 then 1]

[Verse 3]

(Before they see us they go tey)

x8. hey! They reason

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why we dey tell them say na who

dey here. Plenty lies in this

industry. Some still dey wonder

how me and my brother don

dey here. My people seeing is

believing. Stop the deceiving.

And I know what you seeing. I know

how you feeling. You feeling

like a stranger (stranger).

Now you don they hustle make

you enter (enter). The level

wey we dey omo na danger. We

dey see danger. You go still tey

here. Wahala dey. Here

us, here us, hey! Tell me wetin

I man go do. Here us, here

us, hey! Tell me wetin I man go


[Repeat chorus 1 till fade]

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