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Palace – Sleeper Lyrics

Days give away

Constants fade

There’s a creature in my ribcage

They’ll kiss like a flick knife

Make love like machinery

You’re leaking from your calcium canopy.

I wanna be a backseat child

Don’t wanna be scared to die.

Lets snort electricity

Cut lines of plasticine

Ride the guillotine

Let’s drown in gasoline

I’m losing friends

And is there anybody out there

I wish I was a sleeper

I was a dreamer.

I wanna be a vaccined child

Don’t wanna be scared to die

I wanna be smoke-screened child

I don’t wanna be scared for life.

And I’ll ween myself off love and medicine

Break bread with the devil in me

Tear flesh from my skeleton

Just to feel something genuine.

On our hands modernity

Children in parenthesis

Is this our infinity

Is this our infinity?

All gone

Same ground

Fall down

Fall down

My lights are stalling

From no place

From no place

It’s all plasticine.

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