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Paper Route Empire – Role Model Lyrics

I was sittin’ in the hood with a dream and a weed sack

Fast forward, chasing millions with my role model, who would’ve seen that?

Who would’ve ever thought that?

Who would’ve ever thought that I’d make it out the trenches

Turn myself into a boss?

Turn my trap house to a loft and turn my hustlin’ to a law

Go and get the money by any mеans, young n****, don’t fall off

I wasn’t lookin’ up to no ball players

Where I’m from, all thе trap n***** had it all

Seen a n**** come through 911 Porsche, I was like, “Yeah, fuck a job”

Big diamond chain, big diamond Range, yeah, my role model had it all

I wanted to be like him right there, I want that same type of car

I don’t care if I gotta sell some pounds, I don’t care if I gotta go and rob

I knew I had to do what I had to do, I had to go hard

Get off your ass, go get a bag, whatever you gotta do, go do it

I was on the block bumpin’ that High Class Street Music (Trap)

Twenty four hours workin’ the trap, I was not snoozing

Until somebody told me, “You got a gift, n****, go use it”

Got up in the booth, a lot of n***** tried to recruit me

My role model turned a lot of deals down, I did too, bitch

If you know what you worth and let them short you, n****, you stupid

He showed me how to steer my own car, now I’m cruisin’

Yeah, I’m in full control, I’m doing what I wanna do, bitch

But I can’t lie, I’m heated, all this ice can’t even cool me

You ever lost a part of your heart and can’t nothing soothe it?

Have you ever been sad at the ending of a good movie?

But this shit ain’t never ending, come and film this

Put this on my soul, I bet I let these n***** feel me

I don’t wanna talk, I wanna put somethin’ in the ceiling

Put somethin’ in the ground and watched his soul float to the ceiling

Too many fuck n***** living, how’d they take the realest?

Tell me, how the fuck these n***** take my role model?

Don’t too many n***** get to meet their role model

But mine’s turned into my brother, I got money with my role model

On stage with my role model

I can tell the world that my big brother was my role model

Street n****, good father, who a better role model?

We locked in forever, n****, Paper Route and Whole Lotta

I’ma make sure that they feel this

Wanna stop us, gon’ have to do more than kill us

Yeah, I’m hurting, all this ice can’t help me heal up

Go ask anybody and they gon’ all say you my n****

Your favorite rapper know he was his role model, too

But nine times out of ten, these n***** ain’t gon’ tell the truth

These n***** hate us but they love us, they’ll do everything we do

We role models

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