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Peru National Anthem English Translation


Original Spanish Words


Somos libres, seámoslo siempre, seámoslo siempre

Y antes niegues sus luces sus luces el sol,

Que faltemos al voto solemne

Que la patria al Eterno elevó.

(repeat previous two lines)

Que la patria al Eterno elevó.


Largo tiempo, el peruano oprimido

la ominosa cadena arrastró;

condenado a cruel servidumbre

largo tiempo, largo tiempo, largo tiempo en silecio gimió.

Mas apenas el grito sagrado

Libertad! en sus costas se oyó,

la indolencia de esclavo sacude,

la humillada, la humillada, la humillada cerviz levantó.

la humillada, cerviz levantó, cerviz levantó.




We are free; let us always be so, let us always be so

Let the sun rather deny its deny its light

Than that we should fail the solemn vow

Which our country raised to God

(repeat previous two lines)

Which our country raised to God.


For a long time the Peruvian, oppressed,

Dragged the ominous chain;

Condemned to cruel serfdom,

For a long time, for a long time, for a long time he moaned in silence.

But as soon as the sacred cry of

Freedom! was heard on his coasts,

He shook off the indolence of the slave,

He raised his humiliated, his humiliated, his humiliated head.

He raised, he raised his humiliated head.


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