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PICK IT UP Lyrics By Rilès



Pick it up, new G-wagon

Hop it in give me brains

How can I get more patience

Speed it up bish my kishta drains

I get up with my dragon

How could I miss my chance ?

How could I get more vacant

Beefing my flows or switch my range of


My bitches love it

I toss it

You wish, I shop it

I mix, I own it

We tie splits

Advance, Exclusive

A lot, but losing

Refuse it

Shit is a ‘soucis’

Rapping for Suzy’s

You soothing

Pick it up

Fool distractions

How can I get more gems

How can I get more patience

Run it up bish my kishta spreads

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Everyone taste my spices

Nobody match my taste

How can I get more decent

Double the stoves

And serve em what they

Starving undertake it

As a matter of fact don’t fake it

Put a VV on my estate

Dodging mediation these days

I like stressing

I like tensions

I like wearing off frustration

Made a milli on depression

Then a city off relations


Bamboula, j’suis léwé


La banner, c’est rodave

J’fais le show, tu fais du merch

Chappoté, bas côté

Un 2 temps

Au voleur

Pas d’issues


Me dit quoi faire


Check my luck

Write my checks

Wear my tusk

Where’s my jinx?

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Shut my 3ein

Wash my junk

Shit sustain

First you plan

Then you play

Easy man

Schemes shift

Seasons change

Once I thought It was about the mula

Then I learn to make ’em small steps

How’d I forget time is all that we got

Out of love I wasn’t counting


Count bro, man, the fuck you mean?

You better count your time

Your money…

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