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Pop Smoke – Armed N Dangerous (Original) Lyrics



This is a Melo beat

Rico’s goin’ crazy, yeah

[Chorus: Pop Smoke]

Look, I’m armed and dangerous

Ain’t no parking at the light

Ain’t no stainin’ us, keep a K with us

Please don’t, please don’t play with us

Nah, we up and aimin’ em

[Verse 1: Fetty Luciano]

We armed and dangerous

Please don’t (Bow), please don’t play with us

‘Cause there ain’t no tamin’ us

We keep cocaine with us

I pull up when molly get me lit (Molly get me lit)

Drink some Henny, get me bent (Ayy)

I put the .40 to his chin (Ayy)

I keep a bag when I spin (Ayy)

Lord, save ’em

Don’t got a gun, I’ma tase ’em

Fetty, hot, pop, basin

Cookin’ up in the kitchen

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Rice, cajun

I keep a gun for occasions

Kimberly said I’m amazin’

I run with Jamaicans and Haitians

I don’t got no patience

Chill, cool, ‘fore you turn to a patient

I get the flip it and double it

I took her to jail, she tuggin’ it

You pop, she callin’ my government

She got on my name, she lovin’ it

[Chorus: Pop Smoke]

I’m armed and dangerous (Woo)

Ain’t no parking at the light (Woo)

Ain’t no stainin’ us, (Woo) keep a K with us

Please don’t, please don’t play with us

Nah, we up and aimin’ em

[Verse 2: Pop Smoke]

Ain’t no hidin’, Flossy, baby, that’s where I be

Try me, if you lookin’ for me you can find me

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Lie me, niggas know I’m on timin’

Niggas know that I’m grimy, big body like a lineman

I know how to vibe, but no, I ain’t cool

Look at me funny, bet I’ll shoot up the room

Shoot out the coupe, I let it boom

Nah, I don’t play with these niggas, never

Play with it, niggas know I keep a K with it

Ace Makaveli, wavin’ it, wavin’ it

All my apes on the loose, ain’t no tamin’ em, tamin’ ’em

Step in a game and start changin’ it, changin’ it

Spin through your block, Tetris, bend it, bend it

All the opps call a shot, Beckham, Beckham, Beckham

If I don’t got the chop, deck ’em, deck ’em, deck ’em

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Got some brand new chops, test ’em, test ’em, test ’em

It’s an opp in the spot, there he go, over there, chillin’ with his bitch

Point him out, where he at, James is gon’ get the assist

Six shots, clip ’em, I bet I empty the clip

Pop Smoke-

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