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PUP – Robot Writes A Love Song Lyrics

You were dead

I saw your corpse rolling out the door

But I backed up your memory before

They came for you, your monitor was blue

But your data’s all stored

And when they come back with your new body

I’ll load you into the new machine again

And bring you back to me

And when your motor died

So did I

It was a slow decline

Oh the first time I saw you I confess

You nearly put me into cardiac arrest

It was way too much data to process

Oh, I’m wearing cargo shorts down in Florida

Please tell me is there any room in your aorta

For a beta test?

Now my wires have all been exposed

And my systems menu won’t even load

Black Hole Sun on 102.1 FM

I think I’m going to self destruct if I

Ever hear that song again

My system’s crashing now

My drive is shutting down

They gave me the Turing test

So I guess it’s best to end it now

I’m holding on to your wreckage

But I think that I’m losing the connection

It’s too late to save us now

And as we hit the rumble strips

And the crusher it starts closing in

Why is love this dangerous?

It’s so dangerous

Now my wires have all been exposed

And my systems menu won’t even load

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