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Quadeca – Summit, Pt. 1 Lyrics

[Verse 1]

We all got some fuckin’ mountains of our own

Shoutin’ at the ground that’s down below

Shoes plowin’ through the snow where all the flowers used to grow

In my surroundings Im a speck somehow amounting to the whole

And in these moments, I’ve never felt both so small and larger than life

Thinking to myself, “Just don’t fall from the largest of heights”


And I’ve been lookin’ at the summit

They say we’re halfway there, I think we’re halfway from it

[Verse 2]

It’s been the longest run, path has been a rocky one

Happy I got my foot out the door, but it was a revolvin’ onе

Imposter syndrome kickin’ in, my thoughts don’t wanna stand still

Thinkin’, “How I am a boring white man who has fuckin’ stans still

Whilе my whole fuckin’ generation’s fuckin’ lonely and depressed

With a world that’s gettin’ colder and repressed?”

Like we’re supposed to reach this quota for success without sayin’ a fuckin’ word (Yeah)

If life’s a test, it doesn’t seem like it’s graded on a fuckin’ curve

So now I’m movin’ on, movin along, tied up and my shoes are on

Got more conspiracies for how I did it than fuckin’ QAnon

And look at who I’m provin’ wrong, me and my boulder grew a bond

They still gon’ shamefully listen pretentiously on my newest song

And I’ll never please everyone, had to come to terms with that

Feelin’ like I’m never done, I’m still tryna work on that


‘Cause I’m still lookin’ at the summit

They say we’re halfway there, I think we halfway from it

[Verse 3]

Yeah, and you were there for me (Mhm)

When I swallowed it, thank God that it was you that shared the key

And I will cherish all that time, way more than you could ever see

Wasn’t fair how I relied on how much you accepted’ me

‘Cause I know you got mountains of your own, I gotta help you climb

And I feel guilty I spent all this time tryna work through mine

Thinkin’ about how perfect it gets

Arguin’ ’bout whether TikTokers deserve the success, this time, you deserve it the best

And I know these days just aren’t those days

But honestly, “These Days” still hits on most days

‘Cause I love you, but I see it in a different view

When you’re away, the memories play in a different hue

To convince me, I fell in love with a different you

But no matter how long distance, I know that shit just isn’t true


Because we’re- we’re still lookin’ for the summit, uh

They say we’re halfway there, I think we’re halfway from it

[Instrumental Break]


When the ambient wind was like deafening applause

Right in plain sight

You and I

When the camera tries to focus

For so long, you miss the moment

It’s too bright

Little light

And we’ll climb towards the peak in the coldest of nights

I’ll hold you tight

You and I

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