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Quilombo Lyrics by Rilès

If they cut mother’s ears as she wasn’t free

And they sold her in front of my family

Colons raped her, then belaboured

She couldn’t breathe anymore, but still ride her

Oh, too bad punctured lungs, she died on the floor

Take her teeth, body’s out, given to the condor

Next my brother ripped nose from lashes on his face

Barely seeing, eyes gouged, stop it where’s your faith?

I’m a negro from Angola’s Bantos tribes

Motherfucker I swear I will avenge my clan

All my brothers, sisters, friends and relatives

You killed all of them, for you all the same breed

No, no, no! Not my father, don’t touch him

He’s my last, He’s my hand, my bones and ribs

He teaches me life and everything, I still need him

(Hundred lashes, throw him a brick, his face exploded)

I swear I will avenge my family

As long as I’m still standing, breathing, on my feet

In my heart, abundant are sadness and pain

But my hatred for you, will remain the same


So I fled to Quilombo, deadly course

Thank God I’m alive, it could’ve been worse

But not worse than what I saw, never forget

Everytime I think about it, eyes are wet

But I stay strong, and brave

It was the creed that you taught me

Decades after, I’m a warrior of Zumbi

I’m a grown man, king of my clan and my tribes

And I’m back on this land, where they snatched your life

Free all slaves

Burn their cages

Freedom is not written

On a piece of paper

But in our blood

And in our veins

For our sacrifices

Unbearable pain

I swear I just avenged, my family

And I’m still, standing on my feet

In my heart, abundant are sadness and pain

But my hatred for you, will ever remain the same


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