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Rilès (21) Lyrics By Rilès


I am not a hero

I am not a good guy

I know I will deceive ya

But my vision ain’t yours

Unless proven otherwise

It’s me holdin’ the reins


I am not a hero

I am not a good guy

Fuck your reckoning

Yeah bruh

You’re watching when I speak

Listenin when I paint

If you’re cripped, don’t swim


Be the best, be the best..

Be that motherfucka

Be like this, more like him

Mislead me you sucka

Me the chief, you the creep

Shape me I destroy ya

Me real Indi, well indeed

I can’t really trust ya

Out of sight niggas

Corazon que no siente

Say my shit was better before

But y’all were not there

Literally sold 5 copies of my mixtape

Back in the days I believed in Chano’s independence


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Livin’ in the stud

Pass the bull

Morning afternoon

Enclosed in the cube

Work that groove

Always got the woo

Ideas step, I stew

All my beats

Got that genius brew

You better listen fool

I’m the one

Ain’t no room for two

Oh lord

On my K-Dot shit

Shoutout for the flow


Gotta kill my beat

Say, Oh lord

I’m mooving too quick

You got 1 song

You’re on radio

You might have ate a dick

Yea my bad if my songs get a lil darker

Me don’t go outside anymore

Days be shaping like a looper

I don’t wake up, I can’t sleep

Cook a meal and make a beat

Two more, then finally got ten

Cuz never satisfied with me

But I see myself improving

I learned some shit I couldn’t see

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Getting bette than EI-P

An closer to the D-R-E

Ricky Rubin, Timbo, 40

I’m coming for your asses quick

I can and I’ll still be waiting

I ain’t got time but I got will

Twenty One years old

I work like five men

Never ever losing my momentum

Don’t speak english, yet they sing my anthems

Beats too good they don’t believe I made them

Rappper, Producer, Engineer, Video Director, Painter

I don’t give two fuck

If you think I say it too much

Oh lately they’ve been too many

To are about them toony niggas

Yeah too bad

Take a toothbrush

Cuz your taste is doodoo

Now listen

He stated “sing for the hoes and rap for these niggas”

I’m Russ on steroids and Gogh on SSRIs

King Kunta with his feet

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Swing, never switch my style

Life is short

Art is not

If I die my music won’t


Thank God I can breath

I can be what they can’t buy

Even when I’m weak

I’m sure I’m gon’ fuck’em all

Thank God I can breath

I can be what they can’t buy

Your buzz is too fake

Your career is just a Vine

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