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Ritt Momney – Not Around Lyrics


I picked you up from the airport

Your smile didn’t feel the same

Asked you a question then watched as

You shot it down like a plane

And I’m not being too dramatic

I’m the one who bought your flight

I knew I shouldn’t have told you

How much I make a week

And we both think that it’s stupid

That they pay me just to sing

And I can sing for you for free

But it’s just never quite as special

As the first time I sang you

‘First Day of My Life’

We both thought Bright Eyes was old news

But the song still made you smile

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And I feel like it’s been a while

Since your light shone on my account

But when you’re not around

I turn into something

I’m not lost or found

I’m neither, I’m nothing

When you’re not around

There’s not much to say

Hear me yelling out loud

My love went away hear me shout

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