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Rod Wave – Cold December Lyrics


Started the tour out in Denver, Colorado

I made the first one but I did not make the second show

Yeah, uh

It’s safe to say I been this way since I was eighteen

The same night I fall in love, I feel it fadin’

Who can you love? Who can you trust now that you’re mainstream?

Don’t want no love, don’t got no trust, I feel me changin’ (Yeah)

Sometimes I think about my high school sweetheart (Oh-oh-oh)

But times change, people change and grow apart

I fell so hard and fast for Dee, I wanna start a family (Family)

She show resentment, she got pregnant, and she felt abandoned

That shit with what’s-her-name was faster than I had planned it

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She moved away from San Diego, livin’ in Miami (Oh, yeah)

We caught a flight to Puerto Rico, she was sweet as candy

She just ain’t know she had my heart before the plane landed

And by the time I got home (Home), I just wanted to be alone

I met Brianna through Kearra, they were the best of friends (Oh-oh)

She turned her head, and we moved up just like the Jeffersons (Yeah)

I need your all each and every day (Oh), if I can’t then I’ll fade

And I don’t mean to rush, but I easily fall in love (Yeah)

Uh, in my head I know that that ain’t right

But I believe in first sight, yeah

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We can fall in love right here tonight

Run away and be together for life

No more cold Decembers, lonely cold Decembers

No Decembers, lonely cold Decembers (Yeah)

No more Decembers, lonely cold Decembers (Yeah)

Cold Decembers (Yeah), lonely cold Decembers, yeah

Mmm (Grrah), yeah

Uh, uh-uh, yeah

Uh, uh, uh-uh, yeah

But I OD’d in Denver and I just can’t remember her name

I guess you could say that my love life was not up to par

Too many nights alone had left some permanent scars

She told me she’d love me and I told her that I’d do the same

Then I OD’d in Denver and I just can’t remember her name

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Then I OD’d in Denver and I just can’t remember her name

I brought it on myself and I guess that I shouldn’t complain

Doc said, “Son, you can’t do anymore of that cocaine”

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