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Run The Jewels – ​ooh la la (Remix) Lyrics


[Chorus: Greg Nice]

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui

Ooh, la la

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

Yeah, ah, ooh, la la, it’s Young Mula-la

My lil dude ra-ra, boom boom, kumbaya

Vroom vroom, zoom by ya

Me and me goon brada

Mario brother shroom power make me doom doom da da

Bougie thot, I call her Bougie Banton

She like sushi and opera but her coochie aqua

What’s a goon to a goblin? What’s a shooter to a shotta?

I can boom shakalaka your medulla oblongata

Kill a mic like El-P and Killer Mike, feeling like

DJ Premier, it’s my world premiere tonight, feeling right

Hair trigger softer than a pillow fight

No computer, but this MAC got more shots than gigabytes

Bigger teeth, bigger bite, bigger holes in the wall

Money tall, ego small, blunt is long as a log

Mask is off, nothin’ to lose, classy God, Sunday school

Run up a check and run your mouth

Wе run you down

Run The Jewels

Lil Tunе (Tune)

[Chorus: Greg Nice & El-P]

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui (Ayy)

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Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui (Ah, oui oui)

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui (Mon cheri, mon cheri)

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui

Ooh, la la

[Verse 2: El-P]

Lookin’ for M’s like I lost a friend

Jump out of my bed like, “Where the bread?”

You gon’ hold the egg, waiter bring the check

When we talk, we Kalashnikov, keep us in your thoughts

Fully dressed at the crack of dawn, weapons letting off

I can hear them from the block, see them creeping through the fog

Season’s greetings, now feeding season can start, oh my God

Look alive, lookin’ like I live life on a crooked line

Doin’ fine, you want maximum stupid, I am the guy

[Verse 3: Killer Mike]

First of all, fuck the fuckin’ law, we is fuckin’ raw

Steak tartare, oysters on the half-shell, sushi bar

Life a bitch and the pussy fish, still fucked her raw

I’m a dog, I’m a dirty dog, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

Ol’ Dirty Bastard, go in your jaw, shimmy shimmy ya


Got the semi in the hemi, goin’ “Gimme, gimme, y’all”

Pugilistic, my linguistics are Jeru the Damaja

And I rap it pornographic, bitch, set up the camera

[Chorus: Greg Nice, Killer Mike & El-P]

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui (I need a bottle of Moët, ho, come on)

Ooh, la la (Garçon)

[Verse 4: El-P]

You covet disruption, I got you covered, I’m bussin’ (Bussin’)

My brother’s a runner, he’s crushin’, it’s no discussion (‘Scussion)

I used to be munchkin, I wasn’t ‘posed to be nothin’ (Nothin’)

Y’all fuckers corrupted and up to somethin’ disgusting

My pockets are plumper this season, I love to cuff ’em

I’m afraid of nothin’ but nothingness, ain’t it something?

Warmongers are dumpin’, they’ll point and click at your pumpkin (Look out)

Your suffering is scrumptious, they’ll put your kids in the oven

[Verse 5: Killer Mike]

Fuck a king or queen and all of they loyal subjects

I pull my penis out and I piss on they shoes in public

People, we the pirates, the pride of this great republic

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No matter what you order, muhfucker, we what you’re stuck with (Sorry)

I used to love Bruce, but livin’ my vida loca

Helped me understand I’m probably more of a Joker

When we usher in chaos, just know that we did it smiling

Cannibals on this island, inmates run the asylum

[Chorus: Greg Nice & El-P]

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui (Ayy)

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui (Ayy)

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui (Ayy)

Ooh, la la (DJ Premier)

[Outro: Greg Nice & DJ Premier]

Ooh, la la

Ooh, la-, la, la

Ooh, ooh

Ooh, ooh, la la, ah, oui oui

Ooh, la, la, la, la, la

Ah, oui, ah, oui, ah

Ah, ah, oui, oui

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