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Russ – MVP Lyrics


Make money off of bein’ myself

Get a glimpse of my potential, I believe in myself





It’s gettin’ harder to tell the difference between reality and dreams

The lines keep blurrin’ like I’m drivin’ half asleep

I’m invitin’ you to see who’s next up in this rap shit

Hooks, beats and verses, every song I score a hat trick

Always said I’d never sign but lately, I been tempted

‘Cause my dad just asked for gas money, my mom just said she spent it

It’s easy to pass judgement when you comfortable in life

But desperation breeds a beast, the truth won’t always be polite

So I’m fresh up off the flight, headed towards a life boat

Hope their word has good credit like a FICO

Only time will tell but I been feelin’ like it’s my time

How long you gonna keep your star player on the sidelines?

But, I’m the coach, guess God is the owner

Guess I’m just waitin’ for that tap on my shoulder

Tellin’ me to go in, I’ma stop the game

Blow the whistle like Snowden, young Terrell Owens

Makin’ noise, still one of the greats though

I never RIP, I want MVP written on my gravestone

Your boy buzzin’ in I swear this life is like a game show

One man army, when I sing, I get Tank hoes

Yeah, you know that R&B freak love

Weed so loud, I need you all to speak up

I hope every album that I drop has Carter III buzz

Wake up, I’m tryna live a life you couldn’t dream of

I’m careful with who I include in all of this

‘Cause most want a free ride but I ain’t handin’ out scholarships

Went to college for a semester

All it taught me was that college ain’t for everyone

I’m not like everybody, so I left

My mom still supported but she was upset

‘Till she saw the crowd scream my name out on Sunset

She got to watch her son light up the whole spot

Right there in that moment it’s like she understood my whole plot

Different women, different offers every day now

I could see the reason why some people wanna hate now

‘Cause my past 24 been more action packed than Jack Bauer

Made 100 thousand in the past hour

It’s been a whirlwind, let me hit the blunt with you

Barely in the industry and I already got trust issues

Damn, or maybe past relationships, did that

I gave ’em all my trust and I ain’t never get this shit back

But, fuck it, ’cause I’m on to new things

I looked up at the sky, long enough, I grew wings

Now I’m talkin’ to myself like they gon’ try and break you

God forbid that happens, breakdowns create break throughs

I’m sittin’ on the debut, sounds like your greatest hits

Labels tryna eat, so of course they want a stake in it

And of course they talk of money, so of course I entertain this shit

Of course they lookin’ at my table tryna find a place to sit

I’m patient with my process, weighin’ all my options

Ya’ll talkin’ way too much, all these phone calls sound like auctions

Funny ’cause you used to laugh when I would say I’m ready

Now the ones who doubted me are gonna tell you how they met me

When I’m standin’ where I knew I would, number 1 spot

Another year, another rapper, yeah, another one flop

Ya’ll barely fuckin’ the game, you on the scene for 5 minutes

Then you bust and it’s over, I’m a movie, you’re just a snippet

This that ’89 Pistons, fuck the game up, get rings shit

Name your favorite rapper, bet I got him on my hit list

Name your dream girl, bet I end up on her wish list

Tell me how you want it, beast raps, or I could sing shit

It’s time to wake up, industry full of hypnotists

I speak for myself, I don’t need a ventriloquist

I need a vacation to where the real people live

You just stay on vacation, havin’ real ego trips

You don’t wanna admit, that without you I’d be fine

But the truth is hard to swallow when you chokin’ on your pride

That goes for the girls I swooped in on

Made their brain drool, they gave top with a bib on

Always keep my switch on, watch me illuminate

Up at the studio, Drake is just a room away

Maybe I should barge in, maybe I should wait

This gon’ be a funny story couple months from today

When I tell it, and it’s like

Damn, yup

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