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S.Ame Lyrics by Rilès


Come closer listen to me

Now that we’re in the same area

For this time I leave you safe

I won’t bear another last word


Sex so easy to sell, go get these bitches

Knowledge has become so small, two, three inches

Listening with their eyes, but they’re blind

And I fuck these zombies, and I fuck their mind

They are spitting their vomit, right on her sweet face

Eyes drooling when they see it; Money, Money’s race

Art is not even existing, creed is commonplace

You’re the king of nothing, shining in blindness

Never, never get my respect, murdering all these brains

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Killer, killer of intellect, starving for your gains

Talking shit is your business, you should burn in flames

But you ain’t a bastard enough

And you would still be the same bitch


Same bitch, same goals, same balls

Same beats, same clips, simple

Same shit, same shame, same prose

Deus of error, begging for another clause

Same bitch, same goals, same balls

Same beats, same clips, simple

Enough I hate you, in fact I hate you all

I wanna crush you, I wanna beat you



No meaning

These pigs are here for one thing



Your death has never been so obvious

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Folks trying to beat me

Ain’t got no family

Why don’t you see what I see?

Oh, your eyes can’t handle it?

Oh, of course no, this ain’t legit

All of you now so implicit

This was not made for brainlesses

Light-minded’s fault

Bitches from Dionysus


I had to do something

I am not sorry

The force is stronger than me

This ain’t a misbehaving

My bitch is so stunning

Yours is not existing

Your fake muse was the last one

I told you, here’s your last words


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