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Samsong – Kele Ya Lyrics


kele ya eh kela ya eh

ife nka akalia mo

i know of a lady whose been

looking for a baby its been

20 years of mating shes been

trying just keep failing one night

she went for a meeting while every body was singing praises the pastor

said a word said a lady has

just been touched oh oh and immediately she went to her

doctor took a sample and then she got tested the republic and

her jumped in excitement then the doctor said shes two month

gone she said

imara chineke sorom kele ya nihe

o mere mo ogozirimmo ife nka akalia mo

ogoziremmo ife nka alakia mo x2

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i know of a brother whose been

looking for a job hers lost everything

his got now his asking what is going

wrong every morning the land lord will be knocking and the neighbours will be mocking one night the pastor said a word, said a brother just been touched oh oh and immediately the brother got a letter and the letter said

that hes been hired the republic and hd jumped in excitement because of what the lord has done he said


umunugo ife chukwu mere mo

for the wonderous things u’ve done

just can tell it all

oh my soul magnify the lord

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nye ya ekele

si ya imela

ikwu na ibe m ohhh

i mara chineke sorom kele ya nife o mere mo

The end

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