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Sarkodie – Anything Lyrics


[Verse 1]

Yeah, uh

It’s the mu’fuckin’ king in the house

Niggas could do anything for clout

Attention n’ba diɛ obaa yi wo blouse

You go trend, even when the shit is going south uh

Do it for the Gram, ohemaa just do it for the Gram

Cardi B beduru Ghana no, Akuapem Poloo ma no twerk

I don’t think it was part of the plan but uh

Fuck it who cares

Everyday caption “I’m too blessed”

Capo se wa hitti half a mil’ yɛnkɔ blow, bank no a’bounce ne two cheques uh

Niggas gon’ kill for the bag, they don’t keep it real with the swag

Wonni dama, wonni kobo, wonni shishi, wonni kpaa

Still a my nigga dey still brag uh

Boys na mo to pressure wɔ Snap

Mo de Belaire gu mo Rollie so wɔ club

I hope you making it in real life ’cause sɛ wo fake na yɛ kyi wo it’s a wrap uh

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Would you do it for the fam or you’ll rather do it for the likes

Would you wanna do it for the fans (Woo!), or you’ll rather kick it with your wife

You living a lie, you on some dopamine

This shit is a drug but then I’m hoping it, doesn’t get your soul

‘Cause when you fuck with the internet, that shit is addictive you go think they put some coke in it

Wo claimi Awoshie Rihanna, ɛnyɛ force sɛ boys bɛ shɛ designer

Wo bank account yɛ 7K but wo claimi Richard Mille well I guess you’re almost made in Ghana huh


You know it’s kinda crazy man

It’s like fake is the new real, damn

But we still gotta keep it real though

But shit is corny, shit is corny as fuck

You know people gon’ do anything for the clout

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Clout chasers, damn

But the real will survive

[Verse 2]

I stay real

They be trying to move me but I stay still

I be some weird ass nigga, I know say love is supposed to make me a winner I’m sorry the hate will

Anytime I’m short of energy I make mil’s

Pressure nkoa bɛ pushi boys to take pills

Life is already in motion so take stills

Strike a pose cheese, and show me your fake grills

You gotta pay bills, uh

People will do anything

Your mommy no chop but you dey make it rain

Always craving attention, that shit is kinda lame

Niggas always falling for hype, you already know the game

Try to keep it real

Yɛ w’adiɛ na forgetti how other people feel

Wo bɛ claimi Shatta, bɛsidɛn na girl no n’to wo bill

Sika competition, see the people you dey kill

But we know the drill, all these 5 and 4’s doing the most

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Got you niggas all involved let’s have a toast

Keep it a hundred my nigga, you ain’t gotta boast

Boys no gye Moët a wotumi gye wo Coke

Hwɛ, you think it’s a joke

You dey go battle for club, chale echoke

New world order, my niggas for stay woke

Sika ho ayɛ shi you can’t afford to stay broke uh


Just keep it a hundred with yourself

Keep it real

Keep it a thousand

God bless you all

No pressure


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