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Sarkodie feat Obrafour – Life lyrics

Obrafour, Sarkodie
Wiase yi a, y?w? mu yi, m’abr? nso still
Me mpo de? anka memp? 20 million
Menyaa dan, one room w? MacCharty Hill
Anaa s? obi a ?b?boa ma ama manya me daily meal
Wonim ahe a, ?coste me studio? Just a single track
Ebi a, Obede, me de? ne nnwom, wo nso wob?pam ade?
Wiase, menya wo ay? y? musuo
Afei, Opanin se, ?ny? ahaban biara na ?y? aduro
You carry go the righteous way and hope for a better day
No matter what you hold on tight, till when you see the light

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