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Sarkodie ft. Giggs – Round 2 Lyrics



Certified Bangerz

[Verse 1: Sarkodie]

Way back when I go broke na me hia cash na me hwɛ the deals on the table (Woo!)

Bibi se me’nkɔ gye cool block but I gotta think twice ’cause I got my own label (Yeah!)

Chale money never go be problem but ɛto dabi a the economy no be stable (Now! Woo!)

But we stay strapped, and I know my God is able (Ha!)

When I see y’all try to compare me to these boys, it dey make I feel offended like

Nigga got hits on hits, got a BET and I did it independent (Now!)

But people dey criticize me, but ɛba no warfront a I am highly recommended (Ahh)

Sɛ mo hwehwɛ No Pressure, alright the battle just ended

Military mindset, let me see your lighters

Been a long ride but a nigga still sizeless

Babylon vipers, still a mobɔ diapers

Chale money bag na me de buildi me biceps

Started off broke and I swear nobody like this

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Wanna see me dead but you niggas gon’ die first (Now!)

Boys bɛ pre Sark beef (Woo!) but mmrɛ no so aa na mo use ghostwriters

Level up (Ha!), da mo bɛ speedi no kra no na ma double up (Now!)

Sɛ mo te niɛ mɛ de ba you go fall in love (Haa)

Ɛyaa na boys no dey try me ’cause they know what’s up (Ahh)

You know we stay litty (Yeah!), hustle like Diddy (Ha!)

All day stackin’ up the money like 50 (Now!)

Gotta stay greedy cause a nigga need didi

Ɛhyɛ wo bo sɛ cancer in the left titty

Been so long in the game this shit crazy (Woo!)

OG but still wavy (Now!)

Sɛ mo hwɛ the couple of drinks I drop lately

Ma predicti me life, me sen Nigel Gaisie

Sɛ mo checki growth no a, it’s amazing (Woo!)

All the moves that I’m making uh (Now!)

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Just signed a new contract, bɛyɛ half a mil’ if I’m not mistaken

Hol’ up, make I check

[Bridge: Giggs & Sarkodie]

Don’t think nothin’ ain’t funny (Now! Woo!)

They so fake nigga they scummy (Yeah yeah)

My bro save wit’ me, get money (Now!)

Foxes, niggas so cunning (Let’s go)

[Verse 2: Giggs]

This that Trilly Gang business first, flip that killer grime (Yeah)

This that Cypress Hill, could just kill a man (Mmm)

And this that [?], go play middleman (Nah)

When guys get hungry (Hungry), they ’bout their dinner plans (Yeah)

Owing the family? Tony Soprano

Suited, yeah, Dolce Gabbana yeah (Jheeze!)

Knights of the Round Table what? Coat in the armor yeah

I got you in England, just hold me in Ghana yeah

Bitch better boogie that back

Bitch better gimme that job yeah

I’ll be the nigga that rap, lost for the sniveling dogs yeah

How can I get in that bag? Cool man I’m gettin’ him cobbed

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Yeah just finished reading my songs, then made the sign of the cross

Giggs that nutter

And this ain’t nothing nice

When Giggs say butter, it’s whip that butter slice

Man got cut up, yutes they cut up guys

Giggs is flutter, make that shit that butterflies (Ha ha ha)

Why did they gas him (Yeah)

Drive it and crash in, silent assassin (Yeah)

Why would they get on his nerves (Please), why would they hassle him (Nah)

Simon says (What?), I wanna slap him

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