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Some Challenges You will face as a gospel musician


Some Challenges in gospel Music

Gospel music is a genre of Christian music. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of gospel music varies according to culture and social context – Wikipedia

Previously I talked on some advantages becoming a gospel musician but below, we’re going to be talking about some challenges facing gospel singers especially
beginners these points are not for you to become panic but for you to prepare
your mind.

It is
Yes, maybe gospel music is number one to you. Maybe it has been your
life’s soundtrack. It might be hard for everyone to truly imagine how small
this genre is in the grand scheme of things but it is.

You will
be copied:
Like any genre, people pay attention to what seems to “work” and
what seems to sell. So if you are successful, prepare to have many copy
elements of your artistry and approach. This is not specific to gospel at all,
though the phenomenon of imitation is often Christianized. “This is the sound
that God wants to hear!” Heart wise? That is correct. Instrumentation, style,
and artistic approach? No.

You’ll be
pressured to copy:
So that means, upcoming artists will be expected to
replicate that “sound” too! Any song that hits popularity a well-known to be
covered upcoming artists you must do so in other to build fan base.

You now
really represent the Kingdom:
really represent the Kingdom. Everything is a stage! You’re not just a singer,
you represent something that people look up to and some people look down on. You
will be tried, tested, be ready for scandals once you become popular. Many will
be finding ways to bring you down

Not a lot
of money in it
: Simple as that. It is a small market. Very few are wealthy
and most smart artists supplement their income with regular jobs, church gigs
(or churches they found and pastor) and other investments. Frank Edwards said
it sometimes ago if your major aim is to make money as a gospel singer, that is
the beginning of failure

6.       The world won’t be a fan: Gospel
singers are known to have good vocals but they are not embraced by the world
because gospel songs is not the taste of worldly songs. No wonder Some artists
the likes of Mike abdul & Bidemi Olaoba are in the tour of bringing the
street to church.

7.       Pressure from Other Gospel singers: Do
you still remember the story of Tope alibi and Adeyinka Alaseyori, You will be
criticized by your fellow so called Christian. Some Gospel singers might even
come to you to show you quick way that is not godly. Frank Edwards has a story
to tell on that.

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