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Sonic Syndicate – Extinction – A Sinwar Quadrilogy: Zion Must Fall Lyrics


A forsaken threat, god failed to foresee

Crossing forbidden boundaries

They’ll siege the key brooding in the rift

Where hellfire licks, thirst for ancient vengeance

The end of their grievance

Marching across the purgatory fields

Wading through the river of Styx

Into the promised land

Brutal memories hidden by the sand

The battlefield’s in god’s command

A forgotten legion in a long lost land

A dreaded secret buried deep in the sand

This is the opening of Pandora’s box

A strike against the temple wall and now Zion must fall

Millenniums of bloodshed scourge this soil

The slopes of this mountain in our violent coil

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Red clouded skies pouring burning stones

The end is closing in, the world in painful moans

The end is closing in

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