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Sound Sultan feat. Ada – Motherland Lyrics


Sound sultan, naija ninja

Kennis Music

Na for all ma brothers wey don ja commot for naija

always try to dey look back because there’s no place like home


Yoruba man tell me say Ajo o dabi ile

And na true men

Check this out

Ajo o dabi ile

No matter where u go

make u no forget area o area o

Na naija

Ti ode ba tile

Pada wale o wale o

How I wish say I fit reach u anywhere u dey, u dey

Far away, that one no say make u dey bone area o

Mother landi o

na your area o

Chinedu somebody borrow you ego

Make you take travel go chicago

Remember Nnamdi sell him car

So you go go America

All these people wey bin dey raise you

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still dey stay for face me i face you

promise say u no go fashie them

every other month u go dey tashi them

Hillary wey u been promise to marry

Still dey wait ol boy she don tarry

When she see u na inside Ovation

You marry Oyinbo from another nation

Use mago mago get dough

Now your Oyinbo wife don’t know

next thing you know she don go report you

Wetin you know them don deport you

You been say na one year

E come turn to two years

You don go for seven years

But You dey serve eleven years

Even when your papa pai

Plus the tears your mama cry

Bayo for chicago o

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Dem dey miss you for Okoko o

Biodun for Canada

Your mama still dey wonder

Igba wo lo to ma pada o

Remember for naija you get iyawo

Ko dabi ile (5 times)

Ajo o ma dabi ile o

You say u go call

Everybody wait tire for your call

Rote o, why u go like so o?

From germany, to carry coco enter Yankee

but then coco burst for your bele

Rest in peace.

You fly away

How come one day wey fun dey u fit come backi o

Your papa landi o

I understand sey u been so far away

Long long way from home (4 times)

You got a long long way from your papa land

Think before u enter that plane

All ma brothers in the west, south, east, north south

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U know how we doing it

And all these people wey dey rule us

Make una try make naija sweet

Make we get water, light

So that people go dey come house

Kennis Music

All the cardinal points


All ma people in da house

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