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South Korea National Anthem English Translation

South Korea


(Patriotic Hymn)

Latin Transliteration

Tonghai Moolkwa Paiktusani

Marugo Taltorok

Hananimi Pohohasa Uri nara Mansei


Moogungwha Sanchulri Hwaryu Kangsan

Taehan Saram Taehan euro Kiri Pochun Hasae

Namsan Uye Chusonamu

Chulkapeul Turultut

Paramisul Pulbyunhamum Uri kisang Ilsae



Tong Hai Sea and Pakdoo Mountain, so long as they endure,

May God bless Korea our land for endless ages to come!


North to south bedecked with flowers, land of beauty rare,

May God keep our country united and preserve our land.

Eternally Naamsaan’s pine trees stand like an armour sure,

Through whatever tempest or danger, as our symbol of strength.


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