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Episode 10.

Dragging her hands off me showed that Ada was mad at me. I tried holding them back but she still dragged them to herself.

“Why you crying? I ain’t gonna leave you, you are my queen and my joy.” I whispered to her ears.

“Leave me alone.” She clamored and went upstairs angrily.

 “Ada!! Ada!!” I beckoned. 

I got up in distressed trying to run after her when Grandpa spoke wrathfully.

“Seat down there!!” 

I was motionless as I took a glanced at Ada running upstairs in tears. 

My heart melt, my breath seized and tears dripped down to my chin.

I gazed speechless at her.

“I said seat down! Because of woman you are weeping, weeping like a child. Shame on you Ben , I said shame on you. I never knew you are a woman in a man’s garment.” Grandpa ranted .

I was disgusted. 

I stood wearing a sad face.

My heart beat, beat faster. I was wild and enraged just then karasco whispered to my ears.

“Guy, I swear you fall my hand. Why you come de cry like small pikin wey never see food chop? You de cry for woman tufiaah . I no fit. I swear I no fit. This girl wey you de see so no fit do anything for you at all, the people wey go help you na your grandparents, they no go see weting bad say make you chop.” He spoke in a provocative manner.

“Don’t mind him. Let him provoke if he wants to for all I know is that I will keep telling him the truth. Very soon he will become the igwe. Is this how he will behave before his cabinet members?” Grandpa thundered. 

“Ben, you done forget weting you bin tell me before? You talk say; if you make money you go fight to become the igwe by fire by fire . Now the crown don come to your door steps na just to carry am put na weting remain oooh. I know say Ada fine, I swear she fine dieeee. But make you think am say people they die just to become the igwe O.” karasco whispered to my ears.

My heart was still beating as I thought of princess Amara.

Karasco was right. Becoming the igwe has been my dreams. 

“Should I let this cup pass me by?” I thought to myself in tears.

“Karasco, go to my room and get me my gallon of palm wine. Princess Amara gave it to me when I went to see her father the igwe before coming .” Grandpa ordered.

Karasco heard the word palm wine and got up in a rapid manner and went to Grandpa’s bedroom. 

“Ben, am organizing this your birthday in a big men form. You gonna be surprise. See, everybody is coming because it will be your coronation. Your grandma and I had kept it away from you the very moment the news of you becoming the igwe came to us. That was why we brought ourselves to the village. The coronation is why we are here. You have the money, you have the cars, you have the house, who wouldn’t want to crown you king even when you don’t want to. So I need like half a millionaire from you as early as possible so I could make use it to settle the igwe.”

“Half what?” I asked surprisedly.

“You heard me right . I need the money.” 

“But , grandpa where do you expect me to get that kind of money from?” I asked in amazement.

He gazed at me and chuckled.

“Who on Earth will believe a man that has over 10 cars that are worth 20 millionaire each and a house that worth thirteen millionaire doesn’t have money? Tell me.” He asked in tranquillity.

I was speechless, couldn’t answer to him. I heaved a sign just then Ada came downstairs with a cheque and dropped it on my laps and head back upstairs.

 I was astonished to the point I couldn’t utter a word to her. I watched as she catwalked in slow motion.

” What’s that ?” Grandpa asked .

“It’s a cheque I think.” I replied.

He snatched the cheque away from my hands glancing at it.

“So she is now in control of your money right? Hmmmmm” he heaved heavily and continued.

“I wonder how many people out there she has dashed out your money. One day you will come home and discovered that your fleet of cars are no more or your house has been sold . Open your eyes well Ben. I have spoken.. At least this one million will be enough to host the igwe and his cabinets.”

He folded the cheque to his pocket.

“One millionaire? What kind of job does she do? because I haven’t seen her going to work ever since I came.” I thought to myself in agitation.

“Where is this boy karasco? I am sleepy I don’t think I will have the time to drink that palm wine anymore. Good night Ben, prepare for your coronation tomorrow.” He spoke as he got up from the dinning chair heading to his room.

I was mounting upstairs when i heard a clamored of my name .

“Ben, this one wey you de go upstairs you wan go sleep? ” Asked karasco.

“Guy na sleep get me oooh . Shey una done yab me finish weting remain again? E better make I kukuma go meet Ada. God bless that babe for me , I wonder if that babe no de where grandpa and grandma for dey? Even you , you follow yab girl wey de feed you. No worry shey na her hause we de.” I spoke angrily.

“Guy forget that thing. I don drink palm wine tire. So by this time tomorrow you be igwe ? Kai ,I wish say na me . See igwe, see princess Amara only you . This palm wine don they turn my eye make I go sleep before I fall for here.”

He was intoxicated.

 I watched as he staggered to his room.

 “Good night Ben.” He clamored.

I went upstairs and saw Ada asleep already. I drew the blanket covering myself when I heard her say; 

“So tomorrow is your coronation ? Well, I am not angry but get it to yourself that after your so called coronation or is it birthday you call it. I want you , your Grandparents and your useless friend out of my house or else I will send you all out by force.” she spoke angrily.

” I never told you I was getting married to princess Amara. It was my grandpa who was insisting I marry her. You are the only one my heart yells for.” I mumbled. 

“I will be going to work tomorrow as early as possible I have an urgent call at work that needs my attention but I will be back before your coronation sonas you people can leave my house.”

“I don’t like it when you say my coronation . Come to think of it what kind of work do you do ? I have been wanting to asked but each time I wanted to, something happened.”

” I thought I told you my work the very first time we met.”

“Noop. You didn’t.” 

she heaved a sign and took a glanced at me.

“Anyways, if you must know am a doctor my dad owns one of the biggest hospital in this state.”

“A doctor?” I Interrupted. 

“Yes a doctor.” She heaved heavily and continued.

“This house and some of the cars you see was owned by my dad but now they are rightfully mine. The Venza you see parked out there was for my brother. I lost my dad and my only brother on a plane crash. I don’t know why am telling you this. I promised myself I wasn’t gonna tell anyone about my personal life, I don’t know why I find it easy talking to you.”She spoke in a teary tone. 

I held her by the hands consoling her.

“What about your mom?” 

“She got married to Dad’s best friend. I don’t want to talk anymore Ben, good night I have a place to go tomorrow.” She replied. 

I exhaled deeply as tears dripped down my eyes.

She woke up Immediately when she heard me exhaled heavily.

“I will let you celebrate your coronation tomorrow in my house which after, you, your grandparents and your friend will leave for good.” She spoke bolding and slept. 

The next morning, I woke up as early as 6am but couldn’t find Ada. 

“She must have gone to work.” I thought to myself.

I went back to bed sleeping like a baby just then I heard a knock on my door.

The sound of the knock reverberated. I got up from cloud nine and headed to the door. 

“Who is it?” I asked. 

” Is your grandpa . Your mate are outside helping matters you are inside sleeping. Lazy shit . This is 10am you should be awake . Very soon the igwe and his cabinets will be here. Come downstairs and see what they are doing.” He thundered and went away. 

I was about going downstairs when I got a call from Ada. 

“Ben.” She called me by name.

“Did you see any money I kept in the car you used to drive your grandparents?” She asked.

I was flummoxed as I began stammering . 

“Yes . I.. I..” 

“Tell me did you see it ?” She asked angrily. 

” Yes . I used it to get Grandpa some wine while driving them home.” 

She hissed and ended the call . 

“What have I done? Why didn’t I tell her about the money? Is she angry?” A lot of thought kept running through my innocent head.

I went downstairs to the compound I was marveled at what I saw. 

Everywhere was stew. People were much as canopy were fixed all around.

“Come over here and have some pounded yam and egusi soup your favorite.” Grandma mumbled.

“Make you come chop oooh, because I know you well , well, you too like food. Food wet eye see chop O. This one here na free food ooh awuf.” karasco Teased.

Just then I saw the igwe and his cabinets members in a convey.

Everyone stood to gazed at the igwe and his cabinet members.

I heaved heavily and turned towards Grandma when I heard princess Amara’s voice.

“Ben, Ben.” she clamored my name.

I turned and gazed at the beautiful creature approaching towards me.

Her curves and smiles were captivating. Amara I used to know had finally added weight.

She came closer to me and stood speechless.

I gazed at her eyeball to eyeball and exhaled heavily.


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