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Episode 2.

I sat on the couch and thought for a while. Grandpa I fully know doesn’t call for no real.

I dialed his number It was ringing but he wasn’t picking. 

“I will give him another call if he didn’t pick I Will keep flashing his phone to make it 20 missed calls So that when he finally sees my missed calls, he will think they were fully missed calls.” I thought to myself as I kept flashing to make it count .

As I kept flashing Grandpa, karasco gazed at me, shook his head, and tittered.

I kept on flashing and flashing Grandpa.

“I don’t understand you O. Is that a call or a flash? Because I see as you dey cut call de make call. Back in those days na weting I dey do my pop-man when I call am him no pick. Ben, I swear you na bad nigga.” He blurted.

“If I no do am like that, Grandpa go kee me with shout when he finally call back.” 

“Guy, you and this your grandpa una be war O, I swear.” 

I smiled.

We were about drinking the remaining garri when my phone beeped.

I took a look at it to see who was calling. 

It was him.

It was grandpa.

He called back.

I wasn’t surprised seeing his call. Immediately, I drank a cup of water to balance my voice from cracking.

I picked. 

“Good morning grandpa.”I stammered.

 He kept quiet. All I could hear was the sound of his breath. I was worried about his silence on phone when I decided to greet him for the second time.

“Good morning Daddy.” He still kept quiet. 

I was about cutting the call when he replied.

“What is good about the morning? What is it by your time? This is 10am and you are still on bed sleeping. Sleeping by 10am Ben, tell me who does that? I said you should come to the village and think of something better to do with your life but instead you chose city over village. Come home and farm it will soon be raining season.”

I gazed at karasco seated close to me and and heaved heavily.

“Come to think of it Why were you not picking my calls? I have been calling.” He thundered.

“You didn’t answer to my morning greetings you just jumped in to conclusion that I was sleeping. I wasn’t sleep at all but eating. I could remember very clearly what you told me.”

“And what was it I told you?” He interrupted.

“You said we shouldn’t pick calls while eating chicken that we might Choke. I kept to every single word you have told me and beside I gave you more than 20 missed calls after I had finished eating but you didn’t pick.”

“Shut that dirty mouth of yours Ben. Did you just say you gave me 20 missed calls? So you haven’t changed a beat? I thought you should have changed by now. My phone was right on my hand when you called. I was angry that you didn’t picked my calls so I decided to wait for your second call to pick but what I saw was a different thing. You kept flashing and flashing thinking I wasn’t with my phone. You think you are wise. I know you too well before you were born.” 

Karasco smiled.  

“Anyways, the reason I call you is because Your birthday is coming up in 5days time You are not getting any younger and you know it . Your grandma and I will becoming to the city to celebrate your birthday together since you have started eating chicken for breakfast.” 

“Grandpa did you say you are coming to the city? ” I asked in amazement.

“Yes. Not just me but we. We will becoming in 3days time. I don’t have credit talk to you later.” He ended his call.

 That was where I lust appetite for the garri. 

I gazed at karasco and bowed my head to the ground.

“Weting be the problem?” He asked.

“Grandpa think am eating chicken for breakfast.”

“No be you tell am?”

“I didn’t meant it na.”

“Na you know that on.”


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