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Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 1


Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 1



Episode 1


A story written by Chichi Tonia





The whole people of ekeama kingdom could be seen wailing and crying for their dead king who just died from an illlness, while some of the villagers are in the palace consoling the queen and her children for the death of the king because king Amobi was a good king when he was alive and he ruled the kingdom well.


Some weeks later after the death and burial of late king Amobi, the elders all gathered in the palace for a meeting because the villagers can’t continue staying like that without having a new king who will rule them. As the elders all seated at the palace, they summoned the queen, and prince Abuchi who was the king only son, even princess nneka was also summoned to be part of the meeting

Elder odogwu : you are all welcome to this meeting, my queen, my prince and our princess, you are also welcome, I know you will be wondering why we called for this meeting, just as you know, our king is dead and in all tradition, if a king dies another will take over from where he stopped, ermmmm wha……..

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Elder Nwakor : (cut in) odogwu! Just go straight to the point of this meeting and stop beating around the bush 

Elder odogwu: (sighed) but that is what I wanted to say before you interrupted me, anyway, like I was saying before, the reason why we gathered for this meeting is because we are thinking of a new king, we need a new king who will rule us (he said and the other elders nodded in agreement)

Queen Adaku :(stood up) I greet you all elders of ekeama kingdom

Elders : we greet you too (they chorused)

Queen Adaku: hmmm…. Well I don’t have much to say here, only than whatever your decision is I respect it, if you say you need a new king no problem, but all am requesting is to mourn for my husband your late king at least three months before they can crown a new king remember he ruled this kingdom well so he deserve to be mourn at least three months to give him the last respect (she said and sat down)

Elder otunno: Hmmm…… Well you have spoken well my queen, but don’t you think three months is too much for the kingdom to stay without a king? 

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Elder okoli : Ah….. Three months is too much ooo, yes we know the late king ruled us well, but that doesn’t mean we should forever mourn for him, he is dead and buried, the kingdom have to move on, after all when king ameachi your husband’s brother died, the kingdom mourned for him for only two weeks before your late husband his brother succeed him as king because he had no son who will succeed him and now your husband our late king is dead you want us to mourn for him for three months mbanu (no nah) is not good  

Elder Nwakor: not good at all, we need a new king who will rule the kingdom, after all is your son prince Abuchi who will be the next king 

Prince Abuchi: (stood up) I greet you all my elders, yes I know that I will be the next king of this land, but all we are asking is to mourn for my father at least three months before making me the new king, that is all we asked for  Princess nneka: yes just three months we ask for (she added).


Elder odogwu: hmmm… What more can I say, since you people insisted that we should mourn for the late king for three months, we have no choice but to mourn for him for the three months, my elders are you okay with it(ads1)

Elder otunno: do we have a choice, we will tell the town crier to inform the villagers of the new development, so that they will be aware (he said and after that they ended their meeting)


Three months later the villagers properly mourned for the late king, after the mourning was over, they made prince Abuchi the new king of the kingdom although he got married before they made him king. 


Two days after prince Abuchi became the king, he died in his sleep.

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