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Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 11

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 11



Episode 11





Okakamuo : (cut in ) No ameachi didn’t died of an ordinary illlness, This is what really happened. His brother Amobi, conaived with a native doctor to kill him, so that he will become king, and they are also responsible of ameachi not having a male child, and because of what Amobi did to his innocent brother ameachi by killing him, the gods got angry and strike him with a strange illlness which led to his death three years after he became king and also the gods killed the native doctor as well which was involved in the plot, and from there the gods cursed the crown and forbid it in this kingdom, that was why anybody who they put as king will die because the crown is already cursed and forbidden, this crown you see here is forbidden by the gods, and anyone who wears it will die, and no king will be on the throne without a crown, and there’s no throne without a king, and also there’s no Crown without a head it will be place on, so therefore this throne need another crown (he said and the elders all sighed)

Elder Nwakor: So this is where the whole problem came from, hmmm….. Anyway if that is the case, we will get another crown for our next king

Okakamuo : (shake his head) even though you get another crown, the gods will still reject it and that person you will put as king will still die

Elder otunno : Ah ah…. Great one, but you just said that the throne need another crown

Okakamuo : yes the throne need another crown, but because of what Amobi did, the gods is very angry and they demand for only one crown in this throne, which is the mystery crown

Elders : Mystery crown!!! (They chorused)

Okakamuo : (with a loud voice) yes mystery crown

Elder otunno : bu…… but great one, where are we going to get this mystery crown you are talking about?

Elder odogwu: I think we should go to our neighboring village and ask their king where we can get mystery crown

Elder Nwakor : yes! That is a good idea odogwu, we will go to the neighboring village and ask their king there where we can see a mystery crow……

Okakamuo : stop the blasphemy, you can’t see the mystery crown anywhere

Elder otunno : Ah… But great seer, if we can’t find the mystery crown anywhere, where are we going to see it? (He asked and Okakamuo looked up and then looked down and shake his head without saying anything)

Elder odogwu : please say something great one, where are we going to get this mystery crown?

Okakamuo : (sighed heavily) if I tell you where to get it, I don’t think you people will take that risk

Elder okoli : please great one tell us because we really need king in our kingdom, please tell us where we can get this mystery crown?

Okakamuo : Hmmm….. The only place where you can get the mystery crown is no other place but in FOREST OF DOOM

Elders : FOREST OF DOOM!!!


TBC 🔥🔥🔥

This is where the title of the story come from

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